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5 Favorite Positions for Indian Men to Reveal Your Personality

Favorite Positions

There’s much more to have than what meets our eyes. Rightfully said, your Favorite Positions may tell many details about you and your personality. It is an all-time favorite in the list of both men and women, and it is done regularly. Couples who do frequently are more likely to be happy and satisfied in their Healthy Relationship.

Like the spooning, doggy-style, cowgirl and more varieties of positions, many men like the classic missionary position. But we all have that one position that is our favorite and a go-to position for many quick sessions.

With varying interests and ideas about it, people have told us their unique Favorite Positions that gives them satisfying pleasure. You may think that it is just an adrenaline rush. You do in whichever position you find comfortable, but on a subconscious level that shows your personality traits to some extent.

For example, extroverted people are more prone to make new friends because their behavior makes it easy for them to interact with new people. Similarly, your favorite position also tells us a lot about your personality. In this article, we are going to look at them.

Before beginning with the content, you should note that various therapists and psychologists test these. Hence, subtle information is extracted from your favorite position.

Favorite Positions for Men

Although it may not be accurate as predicting human minds is never a 100% shot. However, with more and more sample groups, we have concluded that a broad spectrum of people having Favorite Positions share some common personality traits discovered in this article.

1. Classic Missionary Position

Let’s start with the basics, and here comes the missionary position. Considered the starting position of many couples due to its comfort and synergy, many couples often have the favorite position. Let’s check some of the facts that match your personality if you are a missionary lover.

classic missionary Favorite Positions
classic missionary positions by

You may be a little insecure about your performance and seek continuous approval from your partner by looking at her directly. You want to see your lover’s responsiveness as it gives you self-assurance of good performance.

Since the missionary also provides the man with driving control, it can show some dominance levels and intimacy shared with the face-to-face contact. This position is romantic and easy but not very adventurous and perfect for people looking for some raw fun.

You can spice things here by letting your woman ride you from the top, as it is perfect for slicing up a little dominance and preserve the same levels of intimacy with her.

2. Doggy-Style Sex Position

Like an ancient saying or myth, doggy style is always a spicy position and a position in which men were meant to have. It is a fantastic position that gives the man full contact with her partner and gets out his animalistic instincts. Most men are lovers of this Favorite Positions which is also comfortable and perfect for a quickie and First Night Romance.

Doggy style sex positions
Doggy style positions by

If your favorite position is this, then you definitely are from the billions who like it. You have some fears of intimacy, and that’s why you prefer the back entry, as you enjoy whispering things in her ears.

Making face-to-face contact seems a little awkward for your animalistic instincts, and you want better satisfaction without getting on the front. You can also juggle between spooning positions whenever you need intimacy.

3. Woman-On-Top Favorite Sex Position

A perfect sex position for women who love to control and drive pleasure themselves. And the best part is that there are multiple ways to this position, and it is also dependent on the girl as to how she likes to do it. It also gives you the comfort of laying down and watching her please you and her to the fullest.

women on top Favorite Positions
women on top positions by

If this is your favorite position, you are more careful at checking her satisfaction and pleasure and are open to submissive actions. With a more focus on satisfying her first, you also get an added dose of love reactions. You can be both submissive and dominant and are open to new adventures. You can add some more pleasure by taking control and flipping her down as it would be spicy.

4. Spooning Sex Position

Very comfortable position made especially for cuddle-loving couples; this is the perfect after sleep position. It is a super intimate position with both bodies close to each other and a perfect position for guys having a soft spot. You are passionate and ready to please your partner and also love intimacy.

Spooning Favorite Positions

You can spice things up by adding more fire and passion in this position as it is more of a romantic and less of an adventure position. Reach out to her clitoris and stimulate it, get in missionary and play with her tits to get more fun.

5. Standing Position

A perfect position for adventure seeking guys, this is a raw position that is fired by passion on Tantra Chair. Pressed up against a wall, or standing with the help of a table, standing position is meant for people who like rawness in this.

Standing sex positions

If this is your Favorite Positions, you are adventurous and easily turned on with naughty ideas. You are ready to be mischievous, surprise her with new things, and have as much fun as possible without caring for the consequences.

To spice things more with this position, try to include a new surrounding now and then. Go for new spots in the outdoor area or try something adventurous like having on the balcony dusk.

All these positions are a choice of many men and women and have been on our positions list fora long. Those were some personality traits shared with your if you have any of them as your favorite position. You can check more about some fantasy furniture at Loverollers. If you are looking for some tips for having extra fun in your sexual life, then visit the blog.

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