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6 Best Sex Positions that helps you last Longer in Bed


A common problem that engulfs one out of five men during sexual intercourse is premature ejaculation (PE). It’s not a matter of shame, but many men make this an ego issue and hide this problem from medical supervision. Like any other disease like PCOS, AIDS, and more, premature ejaculation is also a medical disease that can be treated via right treatment strategies that include a combination of drugs, desensitizing agents, and lifestyle change.

Let’s leave the medical grounds about this disease and focus on personal and emotional well-being. Sadly, we will find that PE also takes a huge toll on one’s personal life. As we grow up in a patriarchal society, where we are forced to believe that men are stronger and meant to hide their emotions, it’s no surprise that it is carried well when most PE affected men try to hide this problem. During sexual intercourse, men remain unsatisfied due to premature ejaculation as most times due to arousal, they cannot penetrate their partners. Apart from this embarrassment, there is one more guilt of not satisfying your partner. In all both personally and emotionally, PE is devastating for men.

Although we have many desensitizing agents in the market like condoms, promescent and other exercises, that hardly makes a difference when you are not aware of it. Sex is an important condition for many couples as it is a basic need. It has a huge impact on one’s relationship. To counter these problems, Kamasutra suggests some different sex positions that can help you last longer in bed. Through this article, Loverollers want to make men aware of the sex positions that can help them achieve long-lasting pleasure without the problem of premature ejaculation.

  • Cowgirl: This position helps a lot when you give up your control and are being submissive. Your girl has the full control to take care of the depth of penetration and the stimulation. Make sure you let her know of a limit where you don’t come off easily and satisfy herself. This is a commonly known fact that women take more time for arousal and orgasm. Hence they need to keep going. Cowgirl position makes them the masters, and they can continue for more time while you just lie down and relax. Make sure to fold your legs as it will prevent your penis from sensitizing too much.
women on top positions by
women on top positions by
  • Spooning: It is a classic position, similar to cuddling your partner. When you both are lying sideways in the same direction, you can enter her from behind with some cuddling. It also gives you a chance of foreplay as her back area is fully exposed to you. Adding some mischievous play will help her arouse well so that she comes first than you. This position helps you as you will have very short thrusts, and you would be more focused on moving your body up and down while lying, which makes it a little difficult. Hence, as your attention is somewhere else and due to small thrusts, you will control your ejaculation. Try to stimulate her clitoris with your hands and make her orgasm first.
  • Side-by-Side: A similar sex position to spooning. The only difference is that you both face each other and see each other well. It increases the intimacy as you can lock lips and look into her eyes while penetrating. Your partner can lift her upper leg, and you can access her vagina. This position is good as it keeps a balance of both active and passive sex because both can control the depth of penetration. Also, lip lock helps in diverting your attention from the orgasm causing thoughts.
side by side positions by loverollers
side by side positions by loverollers
  • Yab-Yum: In this position, the man sits on the floor, and the woman sits on top of him with her legs wrapping his waist. The man can control the penetration by moving forwards and backwards. It’s an intimate position but difficult as the man cannot thrust indiscriminately while keeping his balance. And hence your mind will fluctuate between maintaining this position and thrusting, which will lower the sensitization levels.
  • The Cross: There’s nothing like catholic preaching here, as the position makes a shape like a cross. It involves lying sideways, and the woman lies at 90 degrees to you with her hips over your waist allowing you to reach her vagina from under her thighs. The woman can thrust forward and back with her legs pushing the man’s back hip. There’s very little amount of motion here which prevents you from going nuts.
  • Woman on Top: Yes, it’s similar to cowgirl but the difference is that the woman lays over you completely, allowing you to make lip contact. And instead of going up and down by the woman, she needs to move forwards and backwards for the thrusting, which is minimal, giving the friction from the whole body. It is a good position for women. It helps her rub her clitoris against your pelvis area, giving her maximum pleasure while also adjusting the thrust.

The above six positions are well known to reduce the sensitization of your penis and to prevent you from coming off easily. While to make things easy, you can try halting in between sex and doing foreplay that helps you regain control. Sex therapists also suggest many exercises that you can practice daily to increase your level of control. Sex should be fun for both men and women. Hence, to get off from the embarrassment and faltered ego, its best to consult a sex therapist and work together on your problem. If you want to check the favourite sex positions of Indian men and what they reveal about their personality, then click on the link.

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