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7 Most Underrated Sex Positions among Indian Couples

7 Most Underrated Sex Positions among Indian Couples

While there are some sex positions that most people around the globe undoubtedly like- maybe doggy-style or girl on top, anyone here? Apart from them, some sex positions are unjustly underrated. The reasons behind them are quite many varying with each couple, but the best part is that all these indian sex positions can be your next favorite after you complete this blog. Our sex scientists, don’t worry, there is no such term. We just coined it, believing that with a little experimenting with these underrated sex positions, your sexual life can become explosive, aka fully satisfying and fun.

7 most underrated sex positions

Check below the list of 7 most underrated sex positions among Indian couples. We’ll also provide you with some experimenting tips to enhance your overall experience with this sex position.

Missionary sex positions

Umm, Yes, that name is familiar but also underrated. Couples think that missionary is not a sex position where you can reach the finale. In the grand scheme of things, when you are inexperienced in trying this sex position to the fullest.

Which you most certainly are, I can guarantee you that this Indian couples sex positions holds a complete secret door to ultimate satisfaction. It’s not just the women lying on the bed like a dead, and you go on hitting like a red. Things can take a complete U-turn, from boring to plentiful fun, if you just add a little flavor to this position.

And that is a little high ride. It is also called as Coital Alignment Technique (CAT), which requires the person to scoot their body up, so you get a long enough road for friction, it can only be performed on a Tantra Chair. The higher positioning means that there will be enough downward motion during every thrust, which would mean plentiful clitoral stimulation and fun.


I believe grinding is foreplay and only for the novice in sex. Do you also think so? Great, you are wrong then. It’s not a high-school time sex position that has far been left behind in your teens. It’s time you wrap up your oldbrain and get to this sex position as soon as you can.

Because this humping is a major turn-on for Indian couple sex position and is a winner when it comes to ample clitoral stimulation, which women need before orgasm.

Aside from this you also get to control the speed and pressure of the moment which can help you get more satisfied. Try your boobs or clitoris for grinding, either of which is a great turn-on for most women. For men, try to show her the way you want your penis rubbed against her body.

Face Off Positions on LoveRollers
Missionary OR Face Off Sex Positions on LoveRollers

Hand Jobs sex positions

Ok, so that’s not technically a sex position, but then we thought to catch you by surprise. Even though it is not a sex position, this doesn’t mean it is no fun. In the list of most underrated sex elements, hand jobs come shining in the front.

Let’s check why a woman giving hand jobs is a total pleasure. Women often have soft hands; the element of surprise and watching some pretty face explore is a sexual experience in itself.

When the female partner is in control, it will be hard to predict what comes next, and this surprise is an arousing factor for many. Men, you can just give your hands some rest and let your lady take control of your tool.


Spooning is the best sex positions in India and considered to be in the realm of ‘lazy sex’ by most couples, and rightfully so, the position looks the same. Just imagine two dead people, lying side-by-side, arms were thrown over each other, and nothing in the world could go wrong.

Nothing wrong with that, but then it just ignores a lot of potential for spooning sex positions. You can experiment a little more by being romantic and dominant at the same time by bending her from the waist, which unlocks a lot of penetration potential from the side. You also get a very sexy view from the back if you try to be more creative.

Spooning sex positions

Modified doggy-style sex positions

While doggy-style is a go-to Indian couple sex positions for quickies, its modified versions do not seem to have that much charm. Romantic couples think that when you are not facing each other, not looking in each other’s eye, that makes this position impersonal. That’s true too much extent but again, experiment with something new in this position to make things good. 

This sex positions in India is for a raw and rough session where you are the sex goddess of the highest hierarchy. Keep things rough and add some elements like leaning back and sitting up in this position. You can also quickly translate this position to woman-on-top. Sitting doggy-style is also one of the coolest sex position variants of this one.

Doggy style sex positions
Doggy style sex positions by

Reverse cowgirl

It is hard to get this position right, logistically, as any mishappening can cost you your tool. Not to be taken as a warning, but things are pretty heavy in this position. There is another question that where should the female look when doing this position. His legs, the walls or where? This can be a little awkward for the female at first, but try to go by the hit and trial method. Whatever gives you pleasure, you can try it.

women on top positions
Cow-Girl-Sex-Positions-on-LoveRollers or women on top positions by

Missionary with a pillow under your butt

This is an addition to missionary Indian best sex positions, where a pillow under your butt can help him better penetrate and reach higher satisfaction levels. Make sure there is no coming back from this high.

sex Pillow sex positions
Sex Positions using sex Pillow

With these sex positions, you can add more elements to it to make it a successful and satisfactory session. Remember to add foreplay in your Indian sex style with some out-of-the-box sex positions. If you want to try out all these underrated sex position comfortable, then try out the Loverollers sex furniture that is built to let you enjoy more than 100 sex positions.

Check about the tantric sex positions that are becoming popular and have proved to connect your soul and body with your partner’s.

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