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Why do sexologists recommend sex furniture for a better love-life?

Why do sexologists recommend sex furniture for a better love-life?

Sex Furniture has a moral definition problem. It doesn’t get well with the conventional home interior setup. Moreover, Indian society never has been very interested in getting the kinkiest pleasure by paying costs. We know you are here to know how you can contradict society based on some logical facts and figures for a better love-life. And we have just got the right thing for you. But before beginning to get in details, do you know who a sexologist is? The name seems so interesting, right?

A trained medical professional who specialises in human sexuality and studies the sexual behaviours is known as a sexologist. That’s a pretty broad definition according to the medical science, and it covers various psychological sex benefits, diagnosis and treatment of sexual illness. They are the right person to contact if you are facing any sexual problems.

“This group of furniture is designed to support and comfort naked, moving bodies,” says Searah Deysach who is a renowned sex educator.

Searah Deysach

Sex furniture is a kind of booster in one’s sexual life for better love-life. Researches have shown that married couples lose that fire spark in their sexual life after some years. Have you felt that too?

It’s expected as with time, our brain is out of new ideas and the curiosity to know your partner. After the initial love phase that usually wears down after one year, the couple’s life becomes monotonous if there is no external aid taken.

These external love aids are in the form of vacations, trips, adventures, adrenaline-pumping activities like different ways of sex and many more. Sex furniture is one such aid that can rejuvenate your love-life. Let’s check on five facts due to which sexologists recommend sex furniture use.

5 facts that recommend sex furniture use for better love-life

Sex is an adrenaline-pumping activity:

Humans love sex. Being the basic life need, sex is a high energy activity that can make adrenaline rush in your body. The orgasms are one such activity where the hormones are dancing at its peak. Sex is a good physical activity that burns calories. On average, men burns 101 calories and the female burns 69 calories for a 24-minute session. That’s a good amount of workout in a day, and it can help you remain in good health. Sex furniture enhances this experience by providing a comfortable seating position, where you both can enjoy each other to your fullest.

Sex is an emotional need:

Our body works on a very complex mechanism which the scientists are still trying to figure out completely. The testosterone and estrogen hormones control our sexual behavior in men and women, respectively.  It needs a regular gateway to get out at frequent intervals. If you are suppressing this need, it can show in other emotional forms like frustration, anger, and violence. This aggressive behavior can lead to crimes which is the case in many major rape crimes. Partners should have a satisfying sexual experience, and erotic furniture is a suitable means to achieve that.

Deeper penetration:

Sex furniture enables the men to have a deeper penetration as it sets the good angle for intercourse. Orgasms are often associated with good penetration depth and frequency. Erotic furniture like sex sofas, sex benches, sex swings and sex pillows help you in getting the desired penetration angle that provides greater depth.

These also let you satisfy your weird fetishes like BDSM and group sex by providing the desired sex furniture for use. For bondage and submissive sex, there is numerous good sex furniture, including the sex swings, bondage chair, slave toilet and many more.

Helps in pregnancy:

Couples looking for babies, should use the sex furniture as it provides better penetration and hence a good fertility change. LoveRoller sex furniture is perfect for inducing pregnancy as it provides comfort and better ejaculation angle that facilitates better fertility.

Many couples find it hard to induce pregnancy due to various reasons like very little sex time, work priorities, tiredness and other physical parameters. Sexologists recommend the use of erotic furniture and accessories to get to the orgasm level in a short time.

Sleek furniture design makes women’s body comfortable:

Scientifically experimented designs make the architectural designs of erotic furniture for better love-life. Women’s back is tender and needs comfort while getting in her. The comfortable sex sofas and sex benches with foam and leather make it comfortable for her to rest. The leatherette materials are smooth and help your girl to lie on her back comfortably.

She can even stand on her knees of the sex sofas without slipping. With a lot of available sex furniture options in the market, it becomes quite necessary to pick the right company that can provide a good set of erotic furniture.

And no one does it better than LoveRollers. You can check the extensive range of sex furniture products and buy one that suits your taste.

What’s stopping you from trying sexologists recommended erotic furniture?

We now have enough evidence to support our claim that sex furniture is better from a health point of view. It’s necessary to believe in the scientific facts rather than hoaxes. In our last article, we have covered the myths regarding sex furniture and debunked them. And now we have sexologist’s opinion too.

LoveRollers provides an extensive range of sex furniture products that go with modern and progressive society. Men & women both are meant to enjoy sex to their fullest and not consider it as a chore. The special moments of mating should be tension free and comfortable, and our erotic furniture helps you achieve it. We cater to various hotel chains and want our people to be free about their sex views.

Our aim is to remove the sex taboo mindset from the youths and people and project them as the normal and necessary need for humans.  We have covered various facts that sexologists and other healthcare professionals provide to promote the use of sex furniture.

In our next article, you find a crisp informative article on another sex-related topic. If you have any views on this topic, kindly comment them below.