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How Sex furniture is the new hotness.

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A word of caution for all those conventional people with philistine nature that this article will change your perception towards the sacred art.

Sex furniture demands are up.

India houses around 1.3 billion people and is estimated to overtake China by 2045 in terms of population. And many still believe that sex is taboo and shouldn’t be talked of in front of others. Our country is preferred by many big MNCs that provide hefty salaries to Indian workers. Gradually, our personal income has risen to a level where we can enjoy luxuries in our lives.

Do you like going to good restaurants with your friends and families? Or even a club for the party?

You are enjoying the luxuries and paying for personal time. Cars are no more a dream, we can take frequent flights, also spending money on movies and restaurants are now a part of our routine. Maybe you prefer Netflix or Amazon Prime; the fact is that you use these services now. And that’s what is called spending on luxuries.


Are you saying these things are not luxury? These are normal things that you are accustomed to.

Let’s check your arguments with data and facts.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

The above image is known as Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs. It simply tells us the priorities starting from the bottom and going to the top. The bottom ones indicate the needs that are your foremost priority. Going by the above scientific data, going to clubs and restaurants, binging Netflix, taking regular flights are not the daily tasks for any individual. Look at the expenditure pyramid on the right side. You’ll find that all these things are above the basic amenities and come in this pyramid’s luxury region. Sex is a need, according to the pyramid, and arrives at the base of that pyramid table. Hence, in reality, the normal thing that we are doing comes under the luxury bracket.

Expenditure Pyramid
Expenditure Pyramid

We have made it clear that Indians are doing many activities above the regular expenditure levels. And we have braced the new way of living our life. Going to restaurants, chilling out with our friends, and having an office-party on Saturdays are normal. We have realized the importance of joy and fun in our lives. And sex furniture is not a big thing for us.

Sex furniture is the new hotness.

People are looking to buy sex furniture and enjoy its coziness. Many famous hotels are now providing sex furniture for use to their couple guests. The sex furniture is installed in the rooms and can be used as normal sitting furniture too. With erotic furniture like benches for sex, sex furnisher, fusion sex chair, bedroom sex bench, an armchair for sex, sex rocking chairs, enhancer chair, portable sex bench, and more, you can have a pleasuring night ahead. The basic function of sex furniture is to make both of you comfortable and give you access to play in different sex positions as per her choice. You must keep changing the sex positions to easily enjoy the fullest and reach orgasm.

Women are biologically different from men and need more than simple intercourse to reach that stage. The clitoris has around 6000- 8000 nerve endings, making it one of the body’s most sensitive parts. Sex furniture like a sex pillow can help her get in a good position that gives you wide access to her clitoris area. Stimulating that part with fingers or tongue is necessary for her to get that tipsiness feeling. And she should also be in a comfortable position to reciprocate easily. Hence the designs of sex sofa or sex rocking chairs are such that you can comfortably satisfy your girl’s desires.

With more emphasis on leading a healthy life and familiarity with sex, people are ready again to embrace the need for good sexual life. Leading a good sexual life is now a priority for young couples. They often experiment with new things to enhance their sex life. Check the below fact.

The sex market now valued at USD 52.7 Bn has seen a steady growth rate over time.

The above fact clearly tells us that people are now conscious of their sex life. They are ready to implement different things to make it more pleasurable. Couples use electrical gadgets like vibrators, dildos, lubricants, and sex furniture to please their partner. The Sex Furniture and Accessories industry is growing at a steady rate and is a billion-dollar industry.

LoveRollers can make you closer to real happiness.

Sex Furniture is designed to make your life beautiful. They are not very expensive and are within your reach. You can easily book one of your sex chairs from your home and get it delivered to your doorsteps. The things that we used to think of as luxury are now completely accessible. People are getting onto ordering their favorite sex furniture to enjoy their sexual life to the fullest.

We live only once, and we need to realize that. Sex is a basic human need and requires a great deal of effort to bring your partner to the same level of pleasure that you are in. Men generally experience faster orgasms but for a shorter duration. Women’s orgasms are long duration, but it takes time and art to make her reach there. By using LoveRollers sex furniture, you can effectively get her on that level. Women have many erogenous zones that are sensitive and generally require a sensual touch. By having a sex pillow beneath her hip or by making her sit on a sex chair, you can easily stimulate those zones. You can even please her while the intercourse is in the correct sex position that provides you the reach.

Sex sofas are a great tool to help you achieve this position to stimulate her erogenous zones and intercourse. Sex furniture is the hottest accessories that are being used to stimulate sex life. If you hadn’t tried this yet, you are missing the best part of your sexual life.

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