Wedding Anniversary Gifts

8 unique wedding gift ideas for every budget


Idealiasing a gift for a wedding can be very tricky. Even if you create a list of ideas for the ideal gift, nothing seems to be a perfect gift for the wedding couple. Especially when you are low on your budget, the gift selection process becomes even more difficult. So how do you ensure that you can do justice to the wedding gift without letting a hole in your pocket? Well, for one, you can always think out of the box and come with some ideas for the wedding gift. But if you want to save some time and come up with the perfect wedding gift, then the following gift ideas are for you as per your budget:

Personalized basket items 

If you are looking for a perfect wedding gift for a couple with a limited budget, then a basket of personalized items could be a good option. There are many options available when it comes to personalizing gift baskets. One can select from options like his and towels, customized mugs, candles, soaps, etc., and many more. Many online websites let you pick the items for a personalized gift basket and may fit well in your budget also and a perfect wedding gift.  

Holiday voucher

A perfect wedding gift option for the wedding couple could be a staycation voucher. As the newlyweds need to get away after all the wedding hustle to be in each other’s company, what could be better than a vacation getaway? You can make it even more special for the honeymoon couple by calling the hotel and making special arrangements for the couple in their hotel room. If you have enough to pull it off then this is the best option and the best wedding gift for your close ones. There are many online platforms available to book the package for the couple. The staycation gift will always be cherished by the wedding couple.

Paid Dinner Reservation

If you happen to struggle with a list of gifts for the wedding couple, then you are not alone. If you are not willing to spend much money on the gift, the least you can do is gift them a peaceful date evening in a fancy restaurant. After the hustle and bustle of the wedding ceremonies, the couple does need to rejuvenate and spend some quality time together. And what could be better than gifting them an evening of quality time together and a peaceful dinner? If you know the wedding couple well, you can surely know about their likes, dislikes and select the place and make reservations accordingly. There are also many online websites that might help you with the same. 

Spa Voucher

The wedding ceremonies can be hectic for the wedding couple. So how about gifting them something that can be relaxing and soothing and get the couple a de-stress therapy from all the preparations, stress, ceremonies they have been going through? A spa voucher is a perfect post-wedding detox gift that could help the couple relax and rejuvenate through all the stress they have been going through lately. A good wellness package is what the newly married couple needs as they start their new journey together. You can schedule their appointments through online websites. It is a perfect gift for a wedding and also easy on your pocket. You can select a package easily according to your budget. 

Customized Jewelry and other accessories

If you are looking for something that the couple will cherish for the rest of their lives and that is also budget-friendly, you can gift them a piece of customized jewelry like couple rings, or bracelets with their names engraved on them, and a perfect gift for the couple. Customized jewelry is what many people opt for as a wedding gift that is sentimental and will surely be loved and remembered by the couple. Another option you can choose to gift the wedding couple is a customized soap bar. One can easily crave out the names of the wedding couple and get the customized soaps ready within a few minutes, which can be a good option as a wedding gift. 

Caricature Clock

If you are looking for some pocket-friendly wedding gifts, then a clock with a caricature for the couple can be a good option. Caricatures are an interesting and comical gift to present to the wedding couple. The couple’s faces may beam with smiles and excitement on seeing their own caricatured faces on the clock. Thus, a clock with the caricature of the couple is a low-budget gift you can look for as a gift.

Customized perfumes and Champagne bottle 

If you are looking for some classic gifts for the wedding couple that is budget-friendly, then you can look for some exotic perfumes. Check out for stores that provide the service of customized perfume based on the customer’s input. It is a thoughtful and perfect gift for the bride and the groom. Another gift idea that is becoming a trend for a wedding is a Mr and Mrs champagne flute with a champagne bottle having a personalized message written on it. It is one of the coolest and sweetest gifts for the couple that they can cherish for their new beginning.  

Matching bathrobes 

A matching bathrobe would be perfect a perfect gift for the couple. As the couple leaves for their staycation, these bathrobes can come in handy. Moreover, the matching bathrobe would be a cute gift to remember for them. You can find many online that personalize the bathrobes for the couple. Moreover, it won’t cost much money. You can even personalized matching T-shirts for them as an alternative. T-shirts can have the name of the bride and the groom or Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts would also work. 

The above gift ideas for the wedding are all according to your budget. Not everything gift idea may seem reasonable to you according to your capability, but these are the best unique, and perfect wedding gifts for a couple who are about to start their new journey.