Wedding Anniversary Gifts

7 Traditional Gifting Trends for Your Upcoming Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary


Giving gifts to your better half is showing how you love and care about them. The tradition of giving gifts to honor the milestone of your wedding anniversary is becoming a trend in society. The commitments you and your partner show towards marriage reflect the bond and stability of the relationship. It is said that marriages that are honored and cherished last longer. So why not celebrate it by gifting something special to your special one. Wait, are you not sure what should you gift your partner for your wedding anniversary? or your wedding anniversary is approaching, and you want to shower love on your partner by presenting them a gift? No worries, the following list of gifting trends will help you pick the best wedding anniversary gift for your partner.

Date night

If you and your partner do not want to do anything fancy and just be yourself, then a date is the perfect way to spend your wedding anniversary day. You can plan to cook together or drive to someplace you always like to spend your time together or a getaway for a trip. It will be like reliving those initial days with your partner, and nothing makes it more special by you two spending time together. Your time is the best gift to your partner rather than the conventional gifts giving tradition.

Luna Bean Hand casting Kit

This is the new rising trend which is gaining popularity among the couples. Nothing is more reassuring than holding a hand with your partner and feeling the warmth and comfort of it. Then why not capture it for the lifetime as a memory? It is possible with the DIY hand casting kit that comes with a molding material to cast the hands of you and your partner. It is a simple process and can be done easily. A perfect gift to remember and a symbol of togetherness, isn’t it?



Traditional Gifts:

The idea of giving traditional anniversary gifts like flowers, fruits, or gemstones, based on the year of the anniversary, dates back to the medieval period. These gifts were considered agents of prosperity and good fortune for the marriage. With each passing year, the traditional anniversary gifts were chosen such that they depicted the successful marriage and were a reward for the partner. For example, if you are celebrating your first marriage anniversary, the traditional anniversary gift would be paper. A blank paper refers to the beginning of a new journey and a clean canvas to write your own story. Similarly, each passing year of your anniversary, the tradition is to gift the specific metal or element or flowers. So depending on the years of your wedding anniversary, you can decide the gift accordingly for your spouse. It may not be the best wedding anniversary gift idea, but something is better than nothing, right?

Platinum or Silicon Wedding Ring

Gone were the days when gold rings were considered a royal gift. As time passed with the evolution of science and technology, platinum, or silicon wedding rings started to become a trend. If you want to recreate your wedding memories with your partner, silicon or platinum could be a good option as a wedding anniversary gift. The rings are designed such that it looks stylish and is comfortable. The ring’s design is patented and can be customized as per your requirement. These rings also come in couple’s edition and could be the perfect gift for you and your partner.

Picture collage

A picture speaks what your mind wants to say. Memories have their way of showing you the time of how long you have come together as partners. A picture collage is a perfect way to show the journey of your togetherness through the series of best photos. These photos will keep reminding you of the special bond you share. So a picture frame of your choice and the best memories of you and your partner could be a perfect wedding anniversary gift. It is true what they say pictures do speak a thousand words.


Conventional Gifts

If you are having a lot of trouble finding a perfect wedding anniversary gift for your love, you can always opt for simple and meaningful gifts like Flowers bouquet, cards, customized coffee mugs or T-shirts, personal jewelry, or momento, etc. You can even ask your partner about what they want, or you can buy them something they always wanted but could not buy it. For example, it could be an item of luxury furniture or home appliances or accessories or a vacation package or something for their personal use. If still, you cannot think of anything, a surprise your partner with a wedding anniversary cake followed by a romantic dinner and it should do the trick. Conventional gifts are ready-made, and all you have to do is buy them. But it does require a lot of thought processing as to what your partner likes or dislikes or what might be useful for them, and they use it. In the end, all that matters is the efforts you put in for them.

Be my rock forever

If you want to show your support and love towards your partner, then an engraved rock can be a perfect wedding anniversary gift for you. Metal is also a 10th-anniversary traditional gift, which could be the perfect gift for couples celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. An engraved rock is considered the coolest gift and is trending more between modern couples. It is also customizable as per your requirement, or usually, it has been engraved, be my rock forever. Personalizing your wedding gifts is always an amazing idea. It shows the care for your partner and the efforts you put in for them to personalize the gifts. The price of the gift does not matter what matters is the thought you put in while selecting their gift. It is the love that you need to show them to make them understand how important and special they are.

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