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8 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special & Loved Again

8 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special & Loved Again

Have you and your partner reached a stage where the spark is all lost? Don’t worry such things happens to the best of us. It is sad and a universal truth that with time every relationship seems to be getting dull, and with the excitement of being with your love, the feeling of adrenaline-fueled butterflies just goes away. You come to realize that the relationship you shared with your partner at the beginning has now become a mutual partnership. You start drifting away even if you are together, and suddenly you start thinking about what is wrong with both of us. So if you feel that you have hit a dead end of the relationship and nothing can be done to regain your partner’s love, you are completely wrong. It may not be an easy road, but there are ways you can regain the spark in your love life.

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1. Take a step backward.

Go back to memory lane and try remembering how things were back then and how you treated each other. Try to remember those initial days when you went out for the first date, your first movie together, the first kiss, or anything. Try reliving those moments with your partner. Take your partner out for dates, or maybe a place where you first meet, or a movie night, or do things you two used to do together. Regain that passion! It might help you and your partner remember how you feel and why you feel that way about each other.


Compromise is a keyword in relationships, and one can’t emphasize it enough. At a certain stage of the relationship, when you know how your partner will react to certain things or objects, or when they want to indulge in activities that you are not interested in, you will have a set of responses ready to counter these things. This is not healthy for a relationship. Take a pause, and try to understand what your partner is saying, and then give a clear response. Over time you learn to compromise on some things, and if your partner wants the relationship to continue, your love might come back to you. You may end up liking something you never tried before.

3. Have an outside life

Spend some time away from your partner and indulge in activities or interests that you like. It could also be something that you always had an interest in, but could never try. When you spend time away from your partner, they might appreciate the time together much more. Take this as an opportunity and do things you love to do. If your partner shows interest in the same thing, then apart from spending some extra time together, you might end up sharing the same interests.

4.Don’t play mind games.

The verbal battles wherein you feel right in whatever you are saying, but over time it will only cause harm to your relationship. You and your partner need to be straightforward with each other rather than making snide comments about it. In some situations, mind games can be fun and harmless, like teasing each other. It can be good for the relationship and a good reminder of why you love each other and help regain your love.

5.Honesty is the best policy.

Honest, it is a simple word but an important part of a relationship and may even help you in regaining the love of your partner. There might have been a time when you shared everything about yourself with your partner without having any doubts. As time passes, you may or may not feel comfortable sharing everything. All the little lies and dishonesties with your partner could cost you life together. Try to be completely honest and open with your partner. It will help you open up to each other and get you two talking, and make your bond grow stronger.

6.Trust each other.

Trusting each other in the relationship is the key to long-lasting love. Not trusting your partner is an alarm that your relationship is in danger. It so happens sometimes that some untrusting instincts in your mind can consume you only if you allow them to. Trying to regain love without regaining trust is like moving a mountain. So you need to work on your insecurities and need to think about why you lost faith in your partner. This is something you both can work on together and make things right.

7.Communication is key.

One of the key factors to regain love is communication with your partner that helps in building the relationship stronger. Talking about a TV show or asking your partner about his/her day or you telling them about yours, the movie you want to see can help you open up and talk about things more freely. Keep making such constant small talks or just take out some time with your partner to sit and talk. It helps you clarify things and express what and how you feel about certain things. It will open doors to the things you want to discuss.

8. Romance

An evening of romance and intimacy is what is needed after a date. Don’t let it just end at the dinner. If your partner is out of habit, then some encouragement from your side should do the trick. Try holding hands with your partner, get closer, or get comfortable by putting arms around your partner. If your partner was once romantic and still has it in him/her, it just needs to be tempted out. Make the first move and you never know where you end up. Romance, in general, is necessary for the relationship to regain love. All the steps mentioned above make a good pointer to keep in mind if you want to find your lost love in the relationship. Things may not work out the way you thought it to be, but even if there is a slight chance, it is worth giving a try.

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