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5 Tips to Keep Your Sex Life Full of Excitement.

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Surprisingly, it is no longer the fact that the newer couples are the ones whose sex lives are at ecstasy. On the contrary, older couples nowadays are more confident and happy about their sex life. According to the latest survey, it has been found out that couples who are four years older in their relationship are the most confident ones when it comes to sex and sexual satisfaction. Many of them have revealed the fact that sex has gone better with time. In this article, we bring you some of the best tips which can make your sex life exciting and passionate for the longest time!

1)    Update Your Sex Play

We all update our wardrobes with changing fashion and trends as old stuff becomes redundant. The same goes for sex as well.  Apply new and quirky plays in your sex life to keep the fire burning. Experiment with new sex toys and furniture, as this will make you feel something new and exciting which you have not felt before!

2)    Share Household Chores

It may be something new that you are hearing, but yes, this helps a lot in making your love-making better. When couples share household work, it gives them more time to spend together and consider the concern of a woman; it makes her feel cared. Couples can divide work. Both can contribute to the household work, which will eventually make them feel caring and loving each other. It will lead to a positive emotional impact and ultimately, better sex.

3)    Speak About Whatever Bothers You

There is a common belief that happy couples do not argue or disagree. The opposite is true! If something bothers you about your partner, they speak about it rather than get frustrated and spilling your anger on other things. It can make matters worse. However, when you have a healthy argument about things that you do not like about your partner, it can relieve stress, clear doubts and prevents building any misunderstanding. When your heart and mind are pure for each other, that will reflect in you make out session.

4)    Love Your Body for healthy sex life

Loving your body is most important for healthy sex life. Many women have confessed that they do not get in a missionary position because they think their face is hanging. Other parts are not in shape, fearing that these things can get their guy in a disappointment mode. Wrong! Your guy has other things to concentrate on, and while love making these things does not even matter! So love your body and lose yourself in the moment. Try LoveRollers sex furniture now.

5)    Go Dancing

Dancing fills your body with ‘feel happy’ hormone called ‘dopamine’. When you and your partner come face to face while dancing subtly, it keeps you both in eye contact, which increases libido. In this manner, the passion becomes more, and your bedroom story can get happier than usual

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