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8 Tips for Couples Looking for Extra Fun and Steamier Sex Life

8 Tips for Couples Looking for Extra Fun and Steamier Sex Life

Couples thinking of steamy sex life during their honeymoon period often get disappointed. Later on, it gets dull and boring. If you are too stuck in a sexual rut, then, believe me, you are not alone there. Many have been there, and also, they did better ahead. So what’s the major problem that churns out the desire to keep that kink going forever? Let’s cut the scientific studies for some times and think in a one-on-one manner. It may be due to the complete familiarity with your partner that kills the desire. When things are new, we love to experiment and explore them till we know everything about it. That’s where things start to get dull and boring, as we feel that there is no need to do something ‘EXTRA’ to keep things going. Don’t you feel that the more we get to know something, the less interesting it becomes?

Earlier I used to think that it is just for materialistic things, but I was wrong. It happens with humans and our relationships too. So is there any solution for it? Don’t suggest changing the partnerJ. At Loverollers, we bring you some quick tips on how to reignite the passion in your sexual life, like it once used to be.

  1. Reconnect with your body: The first thing to start with is reclaiming your body and getting comfortable with it. In our hectic working schedules, we often take our health for granted. No exercise, no yoga, and do physical work. All these things take us far away from establishing a connection with our own body. With a healthy body, you can collect your thoughts better and have a better connection with your partner’s body.
  • Create a fresh experience: Trying something new with your partner creates a stronger bond and intimacy. It’s proved in a scientific study that any adrenaline activity brings couples closer. If not adventurous, go for some out of the box activity, like dancing if you don’t know to dance or an amusement park. Create dopamine that is chemically produced in the brain associated with physical attraction and can help you rejuvenate your sex life. It’s no secret that trying something new in your sexual life will recreate the steam back in your married life.
  • Talk about your sex expectation: Often, we keep our sex expectations to ourselves and try to get satisfied with what is being offered. It’s time to change this and get talking with your partner. During your next sex night, try talking with your spouse about what you want and explore the combination of both of your fantasies. With time, expectations change, and the position which you once liked may not be your favourite today. Talk to her regarding the new position that you got to know recently and want to try out. Remaining satisfied with what you are getting is a hurdle in experimenting with something new. Talk this out!
  • Sex Classes: It may sound weird, but yes, we have sex classes going over the globe. Similar to other classes here, you will learn about various sex tips and methods to keep things going. Many one-night sex classes are going where the sex educator specialises in any particular sex style like bondage, BDSM, or fetishes. You can learn many new things from it. First of all, get comfortable with this concept as it may be new for you, but it surely is booming in another part of the globe.
  • Have sex outside: After your dinner, take your car and head out somewhere quiet. Make out at that place. The feel of getting caught along with the adrenaline rush makes it a memorable moment for the couples. A romantic getaway destination can help you much better in rejuvenating the spark in your sexual life. You can plan a weekly night-out plan at different places where you make out in the midst of silent darkness.
  • An erotic movie: A couple of friendly porn moviesis what you need to spend time with your couple. You can leave the porn movies and go for erotic mainstream movies like ’50 shades of grey’ that you can watch with your spouse. Talk while watching the movies and clear out the expectation that what would you be doing if you were the protagonist. This makes the whole movie watching experience fun and kinky. It can escalate to a good sex based on the movie theme which you just watched.
  • Masturbate infront of your partner: It is a good exercise for people to be able to know their partner well. It tells that where in their body they like being touched and which part gives them sensations. It makes your partner vulnerable to you, and you can witness the sex drive and the body area that makes your partner dance with pleasure. To add more fun you can wear a remote-control sex toy and give the control to your partner. He/ she will play with your body whenever they like, and the surprise moment will pleasure your whole body.
  • Reduce stress: Well, there are no certified ways to remove stress as it varies with every individual. But one thing is clear that stress in life makes your sexual life dull. You need to get out of this zone as fast as you can so to avoid unnecessary tensions in your relationship. Try to talk to your partner if there are more expectations in your relationship than you can handle. You need to manage your productivity and time in your office to ensure that your personal life doesn’t get affected by this by work-related stress.

Try to implement the above-said tips in your relationship to make your sexual life brim with joy again. It’s not a new thing to lose the spark in your sexual life as time passes, but the good thing is that it can be generated back easily if you follow these steps. Further, if you want to try our new sex positions, then we suggest you the sex furniture that are made for that only.

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