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15 Oddly Satisfying Tantric Sex Positions That You Cannot Miss in this 21st Century!


Did you know that more than 65% of people are unhappy with their sex lives? A Kamasutra sofa is designed to help you and your partner reach new heights in your relationship. You’ll be able to try different sexual positions from the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge; that everything has been carefully designed to take into account both safety and self-pleasure.

Tantric sex positions are a lot like baking- having your own signature one might sound appealing. Still, when you’re in the thick of things, it can be hard to figure out exactly which ones are going to suit your naughty needs. You could be wearing the sexiest pair of heels and have the most delicious confectionery of your choosing at your disposal. Still, until you know what works and what doesn’t for everyone involved in the game, you may just find yourself overthinking everything until joy has left the building. With all that being said, let’s look at how we can put this into practice – with a single focus on figuring out which sex positions will get her off every time!

15 Tantric Sex Positions for You!

Find below 15 oddly satisfying tantric sex positions that can be performed on tantra chairs.

  1. Ol’ Missionary: The missionary position is frequently taken for granted, yet it is the most popular sex position amongst men and women. The missionary position involves both partners lying on their backs in a face-to-face orientation. One partner lies flat while the other assumes a kneeling, hovering, or squatting position between their partner’s legs as they thrust into them. This tantra chair position allows for eye contact. Suppose you’re looking to get down on the chair with your lover. In that case, you should definitely try this missionary-style tantric sex position!
  2. The Rocking Horse: The Rocking Horse position is a great ride for the receiving partner. This position invites stimulation over a long time and provides more erotic connection than other basic positions!It offers a direct connection while maintaining eye contact. It is ideal for longer lovemaking sessions and therefore recommended for those in long-term relationships!
  3. Reverse Cowgirl: This is a fantastic position that allows two people to get intimate without getting tired. Who doesn’t love this kind of scenario? In fact, most men actually prefer this position. It’s because they know that the female partner will be comfortable and in control of what happens during the act. Reverse cowgirl gives your man real pleasure combined with ultimate satisfaction for you both!

An adventurous position with a lot of room for maneuver, reverse cowgirl, is active and not for the faint of heart. Which one will be next in the LoveRollers tantric sex positions blog?

  • Edge Of Heaven: This sex position is all about being in a semi-upright and fairly relaxed position. The penetrating partner sits at the edge of the chair, feet firmly on the floor. The receiving partner sits on top, facing their partner, using the chair to support their legs. Either partner can take the lead as far as movement is concerned, but it remains important to use good form when moving during this time so as not to hurt your knees or back! Both partners get to appreciate one another rather intimately while still being angled in such a way that both g-spots and clitorises are stimulated for maximum pleasure!
  • Heir To The Throne: This is one of the best yoga poses – but only if you have a really strong core! The receiving partner’ drapes over the edge of a chair and grabs hold of their ankles. The active partner’ kneels in front of them, between the legs, for easier access to their goodies.Have fun with it!
  • Seated Wheelbarrow: The penetrating partner sits on the chair while the receiving partner straddles their hips, facing away from them. Then, the receiving partner should lean forward and place their hands on the floor in a wheelbarrow-like position. Because this route makes penile-vaginal intercourse difficult, it’s best if you recruit another part of your body—your hands, for example—to help stimulate both partners at the same time. This is one of the many tantra chair sex positions where you can stimulate your partner vaginally, anally, and clitorally at the same time.
  • On The Top: The penetrating partner sits on top of the other and makes sure to create a lot of space between their body and that of the receiving partner. This way, the receiver can lean back onto the penetrating partner’s body to fully support themselves during sexual intercourse!
  • The Hot Seat: The penetrating partner sits on the edge of the bed. In contrast, the receiving partner lowers themselves onto their partner. The receiving partner then uses their arms and feet to hold themselves upright as they slide up and down on their partner’s clitoris/ phallus. The other partner can use a hand or 2 to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, anus, etc. Two words of advice as you try this out: wash that bedspread regularly and cover those sheets with plastic!

The Hot Seat carries several sexual advantages; it’s great for hitting the G-spot or prostate as you move along, it allows mobility for both partners in the sense that one can use their feet to stimulate parts of the body that might not otherwise be achievable, and is also good for couples who like to chat during sex.

  • The Butterfly “Life” Position: One minor thing to keep in mind is that many of the Kama Sutra’s positions are a bit tricky. While this one might look intimidating at first, it’s actually easier than it looks. The receiving partner should lay down on the chair with their legs and hips higher than their head. The penetrating partner stands in front of them while holding onto the receiving partner’s legs or, for deeper penetration, around their hips.
  • Crouching Tiger: This position, wherein the penetrating partner is on all fours looming over the receiving partner, makes for an insanely hot scene as interpreted in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.” The person on top can control how high or low they want to go by pushing their legs against the ground to raise up or pulling them back to lower down onto their partner. And seeing that it comes without the choreography or wardrobe, we think it’s super underrated.
  • The Magic/ Sorcerer Mountain: The Sorcerer Mountain is a more upgraded version of the classic scissoring position, but it’s not just for girl-on-girl action – heterosexual couplings can also practice this move! Both partners lie on the chair, providing support,then come closer until their flesh touches. The Magic Mountain position is great for oral sex and standard intercourse, but it can also be used as a warm-up to help you get in the mood! For this variation, both partners lie on their backs on separate chairs. He slides toward her until they’re next to each other; she does the same, and they end up facing each other with legs intertwined. To make things steamier, then can use a sex toy or even vibrator while in this position.
  • The Snake: The receiving partner lies stomach down on a flat surface, knees and hips slightly raised. The penetrating partner enters from behind. The penetrating partner tries to control the depth, speed and force of thrusting. This position offers both partners visual access and stimulation of the clitorial region. It feels amazing regardless of gender; especially because it helps you remain in complete control of penetration depth.
  • June: The penetrating partner should take a seat in their chair. The receiving partner straddles them facing the same way as the penetrating partner. This position allows the receiving partner control over love making movements which makes it an ideal position for many women who are new to deeper penetration and want a more defined pace and/or intensity from their partner during sexAsk your partner to lie back on the couch while you put yourself in position facing them. This position will allow you to control how deep they can go.
  • The Split: This move may take some practice for those who are not used to performing splits. The thought of doing a split on your own might be enough to make you wary of this option, even without the added pressure of getting it just right when something is inside of you. It’s understandable that doing a split might not be comfortable at first, but have no fear because there are numerous people out there who are experts and professionals when it comes down to performing splits.This move isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try. The penetrating partner sits or lies down on the chair, and the receiving partner then does a split over their partner by placing one foot on each side of the arm/back of the chair.
  • Self-Pleasure Sex Position: In addition to its ability to encourage sexual communication in relationships, the Couple’s Tantra Chair can be used by a person working with this tool on their own. During masturbation, it is easier to get lost in the whole thing and stray from your intended training course. You may not notice the uncomfortable positioning that may develop as you play for hours on end. This new position can be tailored specifically towards achieving orgasm without having to touch yourself directly – perfect for when you’re feeling too tender or sensitive or wish to delay orgasm until later. The Tantra Chair’s unique design allows for optimal positioning of your legs and feet, ensuring that your muscles are aligned during self-pleasure moments allowing blood flow to get where it should go, and awaken your senses all over again!

One of the many benefits of things like tantra chairs is that you get to experience different positions that might persistently be a bit much for normal beds, especially if your pain or discomfort stops you from managing certain sexual positions. Not only are chairs designed to make sex more comfortable, but they’re also meant to encourage adventurous experiences and help people feel sexier than ever before. It’s important for you to know how and where it is really comfortable for you so you can use these awesome products!

Tantra Chair Designs:There are many different shapes and designs to choose from when you’re looking to satisfy your inner Zen master. Whether you prefer positions or simply like to meditate in the nude, training with a Tantric chair is the perfect way for both beginners and more experienced users alike. All Tantric chairs come in variouscolors. Some feature covered removable cushions to have the smoothest feeling on your back possible. But training with a Tantric chair isn’t just about sweating it out -; it’s about getting an intense full-body workout! You can check out our select range of LoveRollers tantra chairs. You can perform all the above given 15 tantric sex positions.