5 Best Luxury Indian Furniture Brands of All Time

5 Best Luxury Indian Furniture Brands of All Time

Indians are very picky when it comes to buying bedroom furniture. The prime criteria are that the furniture should be of high quality yet affordable. And if you are too looking for the same, then this article is for you. It covers the best 5 Indian brands that manufacture luxury bedroom furniture with excellent aesthetics that goes with your room interiors.

Why does a bedroom matters most?

Bedroom is the part of our home where we spend most of our time if we live with our family. Most interior designers will try to put in their maximum effort in finalising the look of your bedroom in your home compared to other spaces. Our personal space needs the best quality furniture and things to keep our minds fresh and ready.

If you are an Indian newlywed couple setting up your new abode, then you know what is on your shopping list. Yes, you guessed it right, a new sofa, bed, or a chair for your bedroom. Regardless of whether you are getting in to the market for the first time or are just looking at upgrading your current furniture, you need to be aware of the different available brands. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend too much on a brand that doesn’t have the kind of quality that you are looking for.

5 Best Indian Furniture Brands of All Time

  1. LoveRollers:

It is always exciting to have something new to use in the house. Especially when it is something luxurious which you never had before. LoveRollers is an Indian luxury furniture brand specializing in sex furniture, which is quite popular among newlywed couples. It provides sofas, chairs, beds, and pillows. It is a premium brand that encourages users to choose a high-quality product that is made of genuine leather. However, there are many faux leather products out there that look exactly like the original products. If you are buying a LoveRollers product, it’s better to ensure the product matches your bedroom’s interiors. LoveRollers provide furniture in multiple colors to suit your mood.

You can also get attractive discounts from their website. Head to the main website and purchase your furniture now.

  • Godrej Interio:

Everyone wants to buy or build a house that looks great. A house that looks good makes you feel good. But it is not everybody who can afford to buy expensive items. If you are looking for affordably priced, good-quality furniture, then Godrej Interior has the solution for you. You will find affordable products and a great range of furniture and home decor items from this brand.

Godrej Interio has served customers for over 116 years, since 1897. This brand has a great collection of furniture and home decor items. Their furniture collection includes dining tables, chairs, sofas, recliners, bed frames, cabinets, storage units, etc.The brand is also associated with many charitable causes that help develop and grow society.

  • Usha Lexus

Furniture plays a very important role in the decor and design of a property. And when you are buying furniture, it is really important to get the best for your home or office. The Usha Lexus is a brand that offers great value for money. It is also one of the trusted brands in the furniture industry.

Usha Lexus brand has got furniture for every room. Only a few people know the trick to decorating the home with furniture. You need to have a range of furniture to make your home decor appealing. The furniture acts as a mirror for the decor of your home. You can decorate your home as per your financial capabilities.

  • Zuari

Zuari Furniture is one of the most popular furniture brands in India. It has been around for over three decades and has been popular among the masses. The collection of Zuari furniture has something for every kind of consumer. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you will find furniture suited to your needs. The furniture comes in an assortment of materials and colors. You will find everything from traditional wooden beds to modern furniture.

Zuari is a reputed brand in India for its budget-friendly yet appealing furniture. This brand has been in business since the year 2017, with its headquarters based in Goa. They have branches across India. Zuari furniture is comparatively the most affordable furniture brand, and their products are sure to steal your heart.

  • Durian

A brand of beautiful home and office furniture, Durian has been a part of many homes and offices. Durian’s durable and elegant furniture range comprises a wide range of home and office solutions designed with comfort and beauty. Durian has over 33 stores across India, which means you can buy from the store near you and enjoy the comfort of having a product that is created for you.

Their furniture is ergonomic, can be used to enhance your bedroom interiors, and is quite affordable too. Whenever buying bedroom furniture, check the measurements,especially the length, as you need sufficient length for your height.


When choosing the best bedroom furniture in India, you will face many strong options that will host the best quality furniture in your price range.  It is essential to look for your requirements and try to match up the furniture with your interiors. The above listed 5 Indian furniture brands are known globally for their ergonomic furniture range. You can get your furniture from their stores. You can also consult your interior designer to help you find the best bedroom furniture that goes with the aura of the surroundings.