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Tantric Sex: Guide 101: Introduction, Benefits, Indian Sex Style!

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is an awesome new way of having sex that involves slow and passionate movements, emphasizing mutual pleasure over orgasms for one or both involved partners. Tantric Sex method is all about celebrating the goodness of sex while incorporating a sense of mindfulness to what you’re doing, which ultimately brings you and your partner closer together physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It involves communicating and sharing with your partner so that you’re shared risk, excitement, and activity. It is an expression of spiritual oneness, a manifestation of the sex essence within both of you.

Followers of Tantra know that sexual expression is more than physical release. It is about expressing a spiritual or ethereal yearning to connect tangibly with another individual. It can help you learn the art of lovemaking, stimulate profound kinds of pleasure. And usher in the bliss and ecstasy your soul deserves.

What is Tantric Sex?

There is an ancient spiritual practice known as Tantra (Tuesday – not to be confused with the heavy metal genre!). Which is believed to have originated from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. According to these spiritual practices, it’s believed that our actions should be in alignment with the thoughts within our minds.

We must always hope for what we want if we ever wish to receive it. “Wish for it, and you shall surely possess your desire”. It’s vital not only as human beings but also as lovers to remember that our feelings shape reality; as a result, when you believe in something hard enough, all else will follow.

This Indian Sex Style practice is a part of the spiritual tradition known as Tantra. Tantra (pronounced tahn-tra, with an ahh sound in that first syllable) is Sanskrit for “weave”. It means to weave together or unite the masculine and feminine forces within all of us. Heaven and earth, the human body with the transcendent, collapsing the polarities into oneness.

The purpose of Tantra is to discover an ecstatic union with all the life beyond the separate sense of self. Sacred or tantric sex, an aspect of Tantra—is seen as one doorway to that transcendent truth.

Tantric sex is all about increasing the communication between your heart and libido. Sexual desire and passion are key components of this type of intimate relationship. But the most important aspect is to centre in on having sexual experiences that nourish, love, heal and transcend those boundaries between you and your partner.

An underlining aspect of the Best Indian Sex Positions is to intentionally engage people’s thoughts. Through erotic images or activities that pull them into a particular state (i.e., meditative state). Tantric sex is a concept that received more attention over the last few years. In a nutshell, it’s all about aligning the fire of your sexual energy with your heart, your spirit. And how you want to approach your intimate life. If done right, it can lead to some remarkable results!

Sounds pretty good, huh?

What happens during tantric Indian Sex Style?

Tantric sex involves slow, welcoming feels. An exciting tantra Indian Sex Style experience will involve exploring each other’s bodies with your hands instead of a night out at the movies!

Tantra is all about getting in tune with your body and focusing on what sensations you, individually, are feeling at any given time without trying to get anywhere specific. It basically comes down to going with the flow. Sure it may take some practice, but once you’ve mastered this tantra sex routine, you’ll see that it’s worth all the hard work!

Sometimes during Sex Positions India you’re barely moving, and the focus is on the meditative, devotional dimension. If you relax and take things slowly, or ramp up and slow down the action. You can make love for hours. No matter what your naughty pursuit is – bondage or sensual Fetishes – there are many ways to ensure that it doesn’t even end at all!

You might want to try edging, which means getting close to orgasms and backing off there. Building up the stamina that will help a lot in lasting longer or just taking more pleasure before flipping over into orgasms. And some more advanced techniques such as delayed erection.

That said, not all Couple Sex Pose has to be penetrative. Tantric sex involves paying more attention to an individual’s sexual energy and how it flows through the body. It’s often considered a spiritual practice, which can help people get in touch with their physical and emotional sensations while experiencing pleasure. Some examples of tantric sex acts that could be incorporated include oil massage, oral sex, or anything involving the hands and fingers.

Neotantra vs. classical Tantra.

Classical Tantra: Ancient tantric texts, such as Vasistha and KularnavaTantra, describe the use of mantras, mandalas, and yantras. While many of these texts are unfortunately not available in English translation. Those that provide a detailed description of meditative ritual practice.

Though some practitioners do include rites involving sensual practices such as using mantras during sexual intercourse. Most contemporary Tantra forms completely omit these elements and instead focus entirely on pure meditation.

Neotantra: In contrast, neotantra has embodied new potential for human intimacy and sexuality for the last 150 years. As a more evolving and complex system of practice focused on more meaningful and stronger. Connections to one’s own body in mindfulness through healing trauma and pain in addition to greater states of ecstasy.

This body of teachings was deeply inspired by some core tenets of classical Tantra. But it must be acknowledged that much of what is taught and shared within modern practitioners. Seeking out deep tantric sexual relationships are often not “ancient practices”. In the literal sense or unique, though relevant in their own ways.

Best Indian Sex Positions and practices to try

1. Create a sacred space

If you’re going to make love (or just fool around), create a sacred space for it. Unplug from the digital world by putting away your cell phone; unplug from the real world by taking a shower or bath. Shed out of your normal clothing and don something sunny: red sheets or pajama bottoms, a silk robe, or nothing at all.

Light some candles and incense (or something stronger if you like) and gather any special touches you might enjoy. Such as flowers, chocolate chips—anything that creates the energy of excitement in preparation to be in close contact with another!

Take some time to prepare yourself, whether that means meditating for 20 minutes. Simply focusing on staying present at the moment (“no more worries about the day”).

After all, this is done, then take some time to set up your intentions: “I’m ready to show you [person’s name] how much I love [you] without holding back” or “I’m ready to explore what it feels like get lost in our physical intimacy.”

2. Eye gazing (or “soul gazing”)

This practice can be done either with your love. Put your phone on silent, find a spot where you have some privacy, and sit across from each other in a comfortable seated position (i.e., on/in a pillow or comfy chair). Set your gaze at one another’s left eye only (strange as it may sound) and take turns allowing silence to happen between you for about 3-5 minutes.

Throughout this practice, it is important that eye and face contact remain steady without feeling the need to smile, laugh or speak. Feel free to sit up straight on a pillow or chair facing your partner at any given point.

You can look left eye to left eye or just gaze softly at both eyes, and you can also hold hands if you like. Let the love that is in your heart shine out through your eyes, and notice how gazing into the eyes of another awakens feelings of awe and an increased sense of presence together.

3. Hands-on hearts circuit

These hands-on heart changes are often the first activity people do in a circuit, with eyes open. While sitting facing each other with soft gazes, bring your right hand to your own love center (of course, use a soft language!) and send love energy into it.

As you feel the love that is welling up in your heart for your partner, reach out and place the right hand on their own love center (with consent), and they can also place the right hand on your own love center.

Each person’s left hand should be covering their own respective love center, but after a few breaths synchronize all hands together and breathe up into both of your hearts so that you can feel the pure connection between the two of you. Focus on breathing slowly, deeply, and feeling all four hands breathing together while keeping eye contact.

4. Tantric massage

Tantric massage is the key to multiple orgasms.For some, it’s easier to achieve a second orgasm through a tantric massage with their partners. Both partners will need to be very in tune with themselves and know what they want, even if this might take some practice beforehand. A tantric massage involves one partner being the receiver of the massage and getting to relax as the other person focuses on giving them pleasure.

This kind of sexual encounter can be more than just sex it’s visualizing yourself opening up in your next session by preparing ahead of time: practicing calming bench yoga stretches or planning out an evening at home where you and your partner don’t do anything but kiss and caress each other sensually. It isn’t easy, but good communication is essential!

5. The yab-yum position.

This classic Tantric Sex Means represents the union of Shiva and Shakti, two deities who in Hinduism represent feminine and masculine creative energies. For this reason, this position is seen as a perfectly balanced expression of romantic and spiritual unity between two partners.

Even for relationships where both parties are cisgender men or women, it can be powerful to engage in role-playing that switches between each person being either Shiva or Shakti. One could even then add a third partner to play the role of Kali, the goddess with four arms who represents destruction and transformation.

The Purpose of Tantric Sex Means

There is no end to goals and expectations around sex, which can make us feel pressured to achieve certain things that shouldn’t be a priority in the first place. You can get stuck in the same sexual routines and habits, too, if you’re not careful.

Tantric sex is about throwing out everything you thought you knew about sex and starting from scratch – a beginner’s mind. When you have more space for discovery and possibilities, you’ll find endless room for creativity as there are countless possible things.

The sexual experience you have now is nothing compared to what you can experience whilst incorporate tantric sex into your love life – there are myriad ways for a man or woman to achieve multiple orgasms some you would never have dreamed of; the same goes with achieving an intense state of orgasmic pleasure and peace.

Tantric sex can lead to transcendent highs that will deepen your understanding of yourself and enrich your relationship/s or even open up pathways only know-able through entering altered states. The possibilities really are endless!

In addition to integrating daily rituals, having sacred sexuality as a part of your practice can also be a key part of your spiritual growth. Many spiritual leaders have admitted that one who has an orgasm directly experiences sex or the divine in those precise moments.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

  • Experience more than what you thought
  • Going above sexual blocks
  • Healing
  • Harnessing sexual energy to flow freely
  • Access peak pleasure
  • Discovering multiple orgasms
  • Relaxation, and quality time with partner
  • Relief from premature ejaculation problems

There are many misconceptions about Tantra, which makes people think it’s not for them, they don’t know What is Tantric Sex? But I feel those myths are busted once you experience how Tantra can lead to higher levels of spirituality and self-actualization.

When a person unlocks their sexuality and can connect it with their hearts and spirits, they begin to become the most vibrant versions of themselves! All it takes is some alignment in one’s life force energy, i.e., sexual energy, which, when activated, opens the door to many new possibilities!

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