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8 Wild Sex Positions That You Cannot Miss in 2021

8 Wild Sex Positions That You Cannot Miss in 2021

Yes, missionary, doggie, etc., are fantastic sex positions and remain in heavy rotation forever. However… sometimes you need something different and will benefit from shaking things up by exploring a sex position that excites you and intimidates you! An example of this might be having a threesome with your partner or being totally dominant or aggressive during sex with your partner.

Don’t worry about getting your doctor’s permission. You just need to explore new things as they come along in life. If you want to give something a go, for instance, daring positions or toys, then be open enough to try it out and discover what works best for you! By trying new things, you’ll be able to figure out exactly the type of stimulation that feels good to you and what kind of sex position makes yourorgasms the fastest.

Before you dive in, make sure everyone is on the same page with anything happening. If you’re committing to a position, make sure you know what you’re getting into and how far you can go before things might start getting out of hand. Keep an eye on things and tap out if it isn’t fun. Remember: It’s your journey. Your life; Your responsibility!

  1. Watch and Learn Position: Watching each other masturbate takes a lot of bravery, especially when doing it in front of someone you care about. It involves exposing yourself to another person – something that’s already difficult for many of us to begin with – but allowing someone the opportunity to see the way you like to be pleasured, both emotionally and physically, helps strengthen your relationship. Lie at opposite ends of the bed or couch so that you’re not touching.
  2. The Butter Churner: “This position is great for yogis,” says DainisGraveris, a Certified Sex Educator and relationship expert at SexualAlpha. The Butter Churner can be done with your partner sitting on top of you or if you are alone, simply prop up your ankles over your head. When you are with a partner, make sure that they have different types of toys to use and their usual male sex organ; otherwise, things might get uncomfortable if this is all that could be used.
  3. The Spider: The Spider: This position resembles a crab walk, but I think in a much sexier way. While it’s similar to the Crab Walk and could be performed with your partner lying on their back and you being on top above them, we like this version where both of you are out of it on the bed as you enter The Spider pose. Once lying face-to-face, simply lift each other’s hips simultaneously, so they slightly raise off the bed before lowering yourself down. “You can get into a great rhythm by steadily lifting and lowering your bodies in unison or rocking back and forth together to create delicious sensations,” says Pritchett. “It also sets me up for either my favorite clitoral stimulation ever or a deeply internal one – it all depends on my position and how close we are in height, arms distance, etc.,” she recently told in an interview.
  4. Sitting 69:Finding a position that isn’t uncomfortable during 69 is hard to do – and we all know it. But getting down on the bed could be one of the better places to start. As long as you don’t try this standing up! Have your partner sit at the edge of the bed. Straddle them against their thighs with your head in your lap, then they lift and raise you (allowing you to wrap your legs around their neck) so that your lady parts are in his face. Finally, if you’re looking for something more steady, opt for a firm chair or couch instead of a soft one which could make things feel even more difficult as forcing yourself into doing a 69 too aggressively without proper leverage can lead to one or both. Of you getting hurt!
  5. The View: Sit on your man’s dick, facing his toes. Then carefully lower yourself, so you’re flat—arms wrapped around his legs, legs spread on either side of his head. Gyrate slowly—you’re pretty much doing a reverse cowgirl—so he can watch your clitorial lips all up in there, tucking a hand under to rub yourself too if you’re feeling it. You’re trapping him down, so all he can do is enjoy that great view of your flower – and trust us – he’ll be eyeballing it!
  6. The Squeeze Box:The Squeeze Box is a sex position that uses a squeeze technique to heighten sexual pleasure for both partners. If you want to try something new and intense, this position will get you there. Learn more here. Squeeze his penis and make him come alive with pleasure. The Squeeze Box sex Position is designed to give you the most pleasure. Fill your love life with passion and desire!
  7. The Hickery Switch: Have you been looking for hot new positions that will keep the passion and fun in your sex life? If you want to add something new to your bedroom routine, try the Hickery Switch! This sex position is so much fun! This is a position that will thrust you into a world of pleasure and (semi-) pain. The hickery switch sex position is exciting for the man and the woman. It begins in doggie and is great for those who like spanking.

What better way to tell you’re in love with him than when he goes beyond physical pleasure by intelligently using his genitals to convey a message? He knows exactly how to touch you and what it takes to get you going. This is almost romantic in its own right, something that gets our hearts racing! He’s definitely a keeper, huh? At some point, though, it might be fun to use his penis as your little instrument of torture – for one night at least. Do this by holding onto the base of his shaft while giving him a little spank on the ass (make sure there’s nothing nearby that could break). Go back into doggie style position, where he then slides his penis against your clitoris and slide until you can’t take it anymore… Our suggestion—before he goes back inside, have him put lube in your fist and squeeze under his erection.

  • The Spinner: Use your sex swing as a base for stimulating oral positions. You can kneel on the vibrating platform and slide down onto his penis, or he can lift your hips up to give you some of that below-the-belt TCB (tickle, cuddle, bite) action. For one final bit of variation, we’d love to see you try it with your ass propped up on the sex swing’s partner seat and feet in the stirrups. When you’re both riding high with an orgasming chance… switch places for a stupendous double play!

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