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Try Out These Kamasutra Positions to Minimise Pain !

sex position for minimizing pain by loverollers

Sex is all good and pleasurable until it doesn’t hurt you. Not in that orgasmic sense. If pain is making you uncomfortable during your sex session, then maybe you need to revisit your bed carefully. Sex positions play a key role in making it work for you or hurt you, and the best part about it is that it can be changed as you want. You should understand that not every time any particular sex positions hurt. It may be only for that time that you felt the pain while practising that sex position. While most of us like the little pain accompanied by sex as it is like spice over the main act, enduring pain for a long time is not a comfortable idea. Instead, you can optimise your sexual activity by changing sex positions and figuring out which suits you the best. You can pick some of these Kamasutra sex positions and try these in rotation to check which one suits you. Starting from the classical and evergreen sex position, the missionary, you can go on to try some unconventional Kamasutra sex positions for fun.

Suppose you want real guidance from the ancient knowledge of Kamasutra regarding some comfortable sex positions to minimise your pain. In that case, you are at the right place. This blog will tell you about sixKamasutra sex positions that can minimise your pain and help you get orgasmic pleasure easily.

  • Kamasutra Missionary : We all know and love missionary positions, as it is one of the most practised sex positions in the world. The old-style love-making is a favourite position where your genitals are in constant contact with each other, and you can still feel his full body rubbing against you. Instead of opening both legs upwards, wrap it around his waist so you too experience his thrusting and can guide on the speed.
  • Sitting over Pillow Doggy: It is a comfortable variant of the doggy-style position that you can practice on your bed. In this simple position, use a pillow underneath your pelvis region when you bend like in the doggystyle. It will help you support your lower body better, and you can spread your legs apart easily. You can easily move your body to and fro to keep the penetration level in check. This helps you take control of sex when you feel pain.
  • Riding into Sunset Position: This sex position is women dominating position. You can take control of the depth of penetration according to your will. This position is similar to the cowgirl position except that you are fully bent over his body. But the movement, control and depth are regulated by you. You can even stimulate your clitoris while rubbing it against his pelvis region and increase your sexual pleasure in this position. Try to achieve a comfortable rhythm to and fro, and you are all set to reach your peak.
  • Lean into Me: If you have watched the movie ‘300’, you can remember this position that tried on Artemisia. It is a fantastic position where you get an adventurous thrill when one partner is in the air. To start this position, lean against a wall or a table. Now your male partner will hold your butt and lift you up against the wall. When your pelvis region matches him, he can start the penetration. In this standing and straight position, there is a very little chance of pain and this position is well executed on a couple where the female’s height is smaller than the other.
  • Side Cuddle: It is a convenient sex position where both are lying on the bed sideways. Just like a normal cuddle that you do sideways, you can similarly do in this sex position. You can bend the legs backwards, so he reaches your back region well for penetration. Sideways sleeping is a very comfortable sleep position which, when combined with sex, becomes both an interesting and comfortable position.
  • The Rabbit Sex Position: In this position, sit like a rabbit, folding your legs; similarly, your partner is also sitting just behind you in this position. He can now enter you from behind while you are sitting straight in this position only. It is a comfortable sitting position that minimises pain during sexual intercourse.

What’s in these comfortable Sex Positions?

Pain during sex is usually a plus point as it increases the pleasure level. That’s a pain that we love. But if it increases so much that the sex becomes a nightmare for you, you should think of changing the sex position practised by you. Even if it is possible that around and during your period, any sex position you try will hurt. Every Kamasutra sex position is scientific and is made using the user’s point of view. The above positions, such as our classic missionary, ‘sitting over pillow’, ‘riding into the sunset’ and‘lean into me’, are some of the best and comfortable positions where your genitals are in constant touch do not feel any pain. If you want to check more about the whole set of Kamasutra sex positions, you can click here. If you are a married person, then to try out these beautiful sex positions, you can get sex furniture as a gift to him during your coming wedding anniversary. Check out these beautiful wedding anniversary gift ideas, including the LoveRoller sex furniture.