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16 Variants of Women On Top Indian Sex Positions to Try Out

Women On Top

Sex depends on our mood as sometimes we may want to do it in a standing position and sometimes Women On Top Position. It also depends on our personality, whether we like to be dominant or remain submissive to our partners. And sometimes you just want it all to you-full control of every part of your partner’s body.

When we think of a position that meets all these criteria, the first thing that comes to our mind is the woman on top position with many variants. It is essentially for the women who love dominating and controlling penetration depth and want to stimulate their clitoris.

Apart from vaginal penetration, clitoris, and vulva stimulation also plays an equal role in getting her to orgasm. Hence, the Women On Top position is meant for it where you can stimulate her clitoris from the front. Even she can lean on you and rub her clitoris while penetrating herself.

You might use eye contact to enhance intimacy, convey desire and pleasure, or experiment with dominance and submission.” Says Jess O’Reilly, PhD, sexologist.

The Women On Top sex position offers a lot of versatility and options for the woman to satisfy her body. It also lets the woman play her fantasies or perform exhibitionism on top of the guy.

Why Women On Top Position?

The one thing we all can agree on is that guys get aroused more when they see her pleasuring herself more and more. For starters, who are here for the first time, Loverollers focuses on providing genuine and proven sex and sexual wellness tips to couples who wish to keep things hot between them.

We also offer customised sex furniture specially designed to suit every Kamasutra sex position for better satisfaction for both. Before starting the variants, you should be comfortable with the simple cowgirl position. Which can be initiated by whispering this thing in her ears. Saying phrases like ‘I want you to ride me’ or ‘Get on top’ will directly hint to her, making her obey you.

Let her start slowly by moving up and down carefully. There’s no right way of the sex positions as long as you both are comfortable and enjoying each other. Try some additions like holding her hand or her neck and make things spicier.

Best Women On Top Indian Sex Positions

Being on top is a fantastic sex position that is much more than a cowgirl position, as there are 16 variants of this position. We will cover 8 of these Women On Top sex position variants in this blog. The rest of 8 sex position variants would be covered in Part II of the blog.

1. Face-Off Women On Top Position

It starts with the male sitting on a Tantra Chair or a bed, and the women get on top of him by folding legs and resting sideways. The person on the top has full control of the penetration along with the depth and angle. In this way, your hands are also free to hold him and do many things. Since both of you are facing each other closely, it makes this position very intimate and a kiss-friendly sex position.

Face Off Sex Positions on LoveRollers
Face Off Sex Positions on LoveRollers

2. Cowgirl On the Top Position

This is a friendly position and also a perfect position to use a vibrator simultaneously. It is a classic position where the women are on the top and have full control over you. You are lying on the bed and can see her face brimming with pleasure. To add some kinky BDSM measures, you can make it more fun by tying your partner’s hands on the top and ride him. Experiment with blindfolds and some nipple play.

women on top positions by
cow girl and women on top positions by

3. Cowgirl’s Helper Woman On Top Positions

A similar position to the conventional cowgirl sex position, with the only addition being the male folds his legs, so you are pushed a little forward and lean towards him. This puts less stress on your legs as his legs from behind are supporting you. It is similar to riding a rocking horse up and down with forwards and backwards movement. Since you can lean over him, you can try some in-between kisses frequently.

Cowgirl Position by loverollers
Cowgirl Position by loverollers

4. Reverse cowgirl Indian Sex Positions

A variation of cowgirl position, which is both frightening and pleasurable. It lets her take control and check the pace and angle of penetration. To make things more fun, you can ask your partner to fold their legs a little bit, as it will help you rub your clitoris through the friction. A frightening little part is that most cases of penile fracture owe to this position.

Reverse Cow Girl Sex Positions on LoveRollers
Reverse Cow Girl Sex Positions on LoveRollers

5. Champagne Room Indian Sex Positions

A position where the man is sitting on the bed edge or a chair and the woman sits on top of him with her back facing his face. It’s like when you take a small child and make him sit on your lap, instead this time; it’s your female partner providing more intimacy with her clitoris and ass. The woman can ride you as per her pace and needed angle. This position can also be done on a sofa.

Champagne Room Sex Women On Top Position
Champagne Room Sex Positions by LoveRollers

6. The Om Position

This is a position where both of you are sitting on the bed or ground, and the woman has to thrust herself towards the man. The man sits in a cross-legged position, and the woman sits on top of him with her legs folding his hips. It’s a great position to stimulate your clits along with penetration. Some sexy eye contact and French kiss will make things awesome.

The OM Sex Women On Top Position

7. The Lazy Man Women On Top Position

This is a position as the name suggests the man is lying against a wall or the bed wall, and the woman is on the top with her legs spread in the forward area. The man just lies there, and the woman can control the depth of penetration and the flow of sex. To make things better, you can introduce a vibrator in between as the position needs you to go up and down for penetration. The man is completely free to play with her nipples or even kiss her as both are facing each other. It is also a very good initial position to arouse each other at the start involving some foreplay.

Lazy Man Sex Positions by LoveRollers
Lazy Man Sex Positions by LoveRollers

8. The Chairman Women On Top Position

In this position, the man sits on a chair or stool, and the woman sits on top of him facing away. It’s a great position for hitting the G-spot while the female leans forward and back, changing angles. The woman can control the depth as she is on her feet and can control the movement. This position is perfect for some surprising moment as you are not facing each other.

Chair Person Women On Top Position
Chair Person Sex Positions by LoveRollers

The 8 sex position variants of Women On Top are given in the above sections, which are fairly popular among Indian women. In the next part of the blog, we will cover the rest 8 sex position variants that are a part of the Women On Top sex positions. Couples who have just married can make a routine to practice one of these sex positions every weekend to make things exciting and fun.

Have you heard about the pretzel-dip sex position, which is thought to be one of the hardest sex position promising great pleasures? If not, you will check it in our next part of this blog to tell you about the Pretzel-Dip and other 7 sex positions. If you are looking for sex positions that make you last longer in bed, then do follow this blog.

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