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5 Reasons to Include Tantra Chair Furniture for Hotels Business

tantra Chair by LoveRollers

Tantra chair and hotels can be a deadly combination to uplift your stagnant hospitality business. That sounds weird, and it is. When we talk about tantra chairs in India, the first impression is about sex on chairs.

So what’s unique in that, and why buy a chair to have sex when you have your king-sized bed? Sexual experience is very much like your clothes, you can wear cheap ones too, but the real comfort lies in good quality clothes that are usually expensive.

Sex on a bed is common and gets boring after some time, sure. If you are newly married, then even bed, or no bed will work like a charm. But that’s not the satisfying experience you get while using tantra chair.

And the best thing is that you can enjoy all these cherishing tantric sexual experiences right from your honeymoon, where you can get tantra chair equipped rooms.

Tantra Chair Hotels

The above narration was particularly for the new couples, but lets gets on to the hotel business. Suppose you are a hotel owner who is suffering the brunt of this pandemic with almost nil customers.

In that case, you need to start reinventing certain things. Start targeting the pain points of your customers, one we have already discussed above. Yoga and exercise are in much popularity these days due to the Covid, and it’s great that people are getting conscious about their bodies.

As these keep on increasing, there will be high chances of tantric sex becoming a new normal. Normal sex can be done 3-4 times, but it starts becoming boring as couples too lose the spark. But tantric sex is a little different as it is a unique amalgamation of pleasure and sacredness.

It is a new way of reinventing your body with your partner, delving into deeper roots, enjoying each sensation, and harnessing the energy. Through this holistic approach, couples can get closer, and the spark will also keep on burning. But as a hotel owner, how can you harness this point in your customer’s life? Keep reading as LoveRollers will answer that.

You now have a new demand in customer’s life as tantra chair that are definitely not everyday family home furniture. In this way, you can provide your customers with a new experience in the form of tantra chairs installed in the hotel rooms. Let’s quickly check the five reasons to install tantra chair furniture in your hotel room.

  1. New & Innovative: Let’s agree that the hospitality industry has changed rampantly with the adoption of new technologies and practices. Adaptability becomes a crucial factor in determining whether your business will keep afloat or sink to competition. Tantra chairs in India are a new concept that is already there in the west. When you bring something new and innovative to the table, that instantly brings you ahead of the competition. Let tantra chairs furniture represent your hotel brand to the thousands of people who would taste your hospitality in coming times.
  2. Ergonomic & Comfortable: Tantra chairs are designed in an odd fashion that makes them comfortable for sitting and sleeping. It takes inspiration from a human’s free body that comes in a rest and comfortable position as soon as possible. The curves beneath the knees and the bend towards the back make it comfortable furniture for any room. LoveRollers tantra chairs are designed ergonomically and provide a fantastic user experience.
  3. New Kamasutra Experience:Tantra chairs are designed especially for the Kamasutra positions that can be performed over them. There are already more than 100 Kamasutra sex positions, and trying out at least 10 of them can be a great experience. This lucrative stay opportunity is for new couples and shouldn’t be missed out on. Couples looking out for spending some quality personal time will be lured towards your hotel furniture offerings.
  4. Replace sofas in the room: This can be an economic advantage. It helps in cost-cutting while maintaining the quality of services. You can replace sofas in the hotel rooms with attractive Tantra Chair Hotels. The tantra chairs can be used as a sofa or a comfortable stay. Also, it’s better to install sofas at crowd gathering places such as the reception, garden, or terrace. At these places, sofas would be perfect for giving the comfort of sitting or sleeping.
  5. Attract newlywed Indian couples: This can be an opportunity for you to shine the brightest. Most newlywed couples plan their honeymoon away from their home at some good hotels. The new couples are very much excited about sex and experimenting with their fantasies for the first time. When they hear about the tantra chair in your hotel, it will certainly be a positive sign to book your hotel from the competition. Customize your interiors to match the tantra chairs’ serenity.

Apart from all the above reasons, you will also be improving your hospitality services by adding a unique setting to the business. You can start a dedicated honeymoon package with rooms that are installed with tantra chairs. Customized solutions are the best marketing approach to win your customer’s heart.

How to buy tantra chairs at a discount?

Buying a customized tantra chair under your budget is simple as there are lots of available options on the internet. With so many options, the differentiating factor becomes quality service and an authentic brand name.

Nothing beats LoveRollers in this segment as we are applauded by popular online brand names such as The Entrepreneur, Inc42, YourStory, and more. Don’t consider this as bragging, but we love it!

You can buy LoveRollers sex furniture by contacting us. Great discounts are waiting for you.

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