Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congrats on completing your 5 years of adventurous marriage and still being afloat. Check Out these Anniversary Gift Ideas. As, not many people are lucky to achieve this feat! So with half a decade goal feat and still more to go, not many men can think of beautiful gifts further than jewellery.

And I’m sure; you must have gifted her jewellery many times on different occasions such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays or some random gifts. Is there anything more special than gold & diamond jewellery that can capture her smile and shower her love on you? Yes, we got things covered.

The typical Indian men mindset regards gold & diamond jewellery as one of the best gifts to make her woman happy. Not to mention that this idea originates from the men’s part only.

So if we keep the ‘men will be men’ ideas aside for a minute and slightly deviate our thinking to the female side. We will see that there are many more special Anniversary Gift Ideas other than jewellery that your girl would love and cherish.

If your mind is still blocked as of now, then keep on reading, as we will provide a complete list of 5 best wedding anniversary gifts that can have the same surprising effect as the lavish and expensive jewellery. And don’t worry; we have got your pockets covered too.

Beautiful Anniversary Gift Ideas

Check out these 5 beautiful 5th wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas that might not change her behavior towards you but can surely fill her heart with lots of love for you.

1. Wooden You & I Personalised Keepsake Boxes:

This is our first wedding anniversary gift recommendation and holds a special meaning. According to the western legacy of anniversary gifting, on the 5th wedding anniversary, couples usually prefer to gift wooden items to each other.

The wood symbolizes the strength and long-lasting nature that can be taken as a metaphor for strong and enduring relationships. After all, the best things about gifts are emotions. You both can fill “You & I” wooden box with memories that you can cherish forever.

Keep anything inside as long as it fits, ranging from your first couple movie ticket, your first flower proposal, the ring, to trinkets from travel and more. Long-time forwards, when you are sitting idle in the midst of silence, take the box and let the memories flow.

2. Vintage Leather Watches

You know the best thing about time? That it flies and always! Watches play a significant gifting recommendation. It is one of the classiest and coolest gifts to give to your spouse. To add an extra flavor to this gift, try to get a vintage edition watch; even you may get your grandma’s watch repaired and packed.

The vintage watches are proof that no matter what the time and how’s the situation, it will eventually cross this time and fly forwards. And who knows what were the stories heard by your grandma’s watch and what more stories is it going to hear in the coming time. As a symbol of continuity and eternal love, you may not find a perfect gift for her.

3. Wooden Pendants

Pendants are one of the most gifted items globally and still have their charm intact. What I’m trying to tell is, that don’t gift her any pendant; try to get one personalized wooden pendant made that contains some special encrypted meaning that only you and she knows. And whenever she is away from you, the pendant and that secret message will remind her of you.

4. Furniture

This is our last wedding gift recommendation with which we will leave you. Furniture are multi-use gift prospects and are usually neglected by many couples. I don’t know why, but I find it an interesting option as it comes with its calmness and functionality. If you are more experimenting in nature, try out the LoveRollers sex furniture options made from pure wood that help escalate her love and passion for you. Make things steamy on your 5th wedding anniversary night and add one more memory to cherish forever.

5. Adventure Trip

Before you say that this is not a physical gift, let me recapitulate the fact that I have said before, too, the best gifts are emotions. Although adventure trips are not a physical gift which even I can’t deny, they certainly are filled with lots of emotions. You can plan a short bike ride to hills or a jungle safari, or if your budget permits, take a trip to any exciting, adventurous place. Let the adrenaline flow and the love blossom.

You must have got a fair idea of the best 5 gifts for your 5th wedding anniversary, and it’s completely fine if your list doesn’t match the above. After all, every gift should be personalized as a usable product for each couple.

The above 5 gift recommendations will surely give you an idea to gift her the best things that instantly makes her smile. If you plan for the adventure trip, you can check some tips for finding the best wedding anniversary hotels there.

Personal Recommendation Anniversary Gift Ideas

My personal recommendation would be to gift her anything that she likes but try to choose a wooden gift for your 5th wedding anniversary. It may be anything ranging from a wooden box, wooden pendant, wooden cup or even wooden furniture.

You have completed 5 years of your marriage, and there is still more to go. There can be nothing better than wood to symbolize the rawness, strength and enduring roots of the relationship that you will form with her in the coming times. Stay tuned. We will bring another exciting blog related to wedding anniversaries and guide you to make your love stronger.