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6 Weird Sex Positions That You Should Try Atleast Once…

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If you are a lover of missionary sex position, then congrats! You are one of the couples from 95% of people that prefer this style. Wait! Doesn’t this sound good? Well, it’s not bad to be one among the herd, but it takes a little bit of creativity and courage to get out of that herd mentality zone. Humans want a ‘tried and true’ sex position that is comfortable and tested to spice up things, but what if we tell you that there are 6 weird sex positions that you might have not even imagined. And the best part is that these positions are also one of the most fulfilling sex positions recommended by sexologists worldwide.

Now you may be thinking that what’s the need to go all out of your comfort zone, try a new sex position, and ruin your sex experience. Not to mention that sex is not just any physical activity between two humans; it is much more than that. Sex consists of emotions, fuelling desire, surprises, out-of-the-way experience and most importantly, the connection between two souls. You may have tried the best and most used sex positions globally, including the missionary, doggy, 69 and more but what you have missed are the spider, cross, spork and many more surprising and weird sex positions out there. And did I mention that even sex veterans tend to miss out on these sex positions that are filled with ultimate lusty happiness? And this article will give you a chance to be one among the 5% of people worldwide who have tried these weird sex positions and filled their life with happiness. In this new sex position article, we will take you on a roller-coaster ride through 6 funky and weird sex positions that you should try atleast once in your life. And believe me, this is going to be a fun ride.

  1. The Spider Sex Position: If you are a fan of fantasy series full of spiders and animals, then you’ll love these sex positions. Looks like a formation of the four-legged spider at the genital area, both the partners need to sit at the same level facing each other, and the girl gets on top of the male. The legs are wide open, and the back leans against the floor/ bed while you can even support your body with your hands at the back. The male partner penetrates the female, whereas the female is also free to move and adjust. If you are looking for a sex-marathon, then do try this position once.
  2. The Cross Sex Position: The name sounds holy or familiar; I’m sure you must be dazzled by the beauty of this sex position. Not meant for hyperactive people, if you find laziness as bliss, then this position is a must-try for you. In this position, the partner forms a cross where the male partner lays sidewise. The female partner lays on her back that ensures deep penetration with very minimal efforts. Although it’s one of the weirdest sex positions, it gets the work done seamlessly.
  3. The Spork Sex Position: Sporking may sound weird, but it is one of the best sex positions to reach orgasm for the girl effortlessly. The girl lies on her back, and the male partner enters her between the legs at a perpendicular angle to the legs. He has full thrust control, and you can be vocal about your needs. It’s also known as the Afternoon Delight, as you’ll get real delight by trying this position.
  4. The Butter Churner Sex Position: This is a high-intensity sex position that involves a bit of strength and acrobatics. And that makes it a fulfilling experience for the couples. It may be a little harder for the female partner. She needs to make a shoulder stand, and the male partner stands and penetrates downwards. It may seem an awkward position but is fun to go as the penetration length is quite high due to both partner’s genitals’ cavity coherence. The best part of this butter churner position is that it enables a greater G-spot stimulation and sensation that can help in reaching great orgasms. And you do a great acrobatics exercise to burn calories. So two benefits coupled in one sex position, a good bargain to ask for.
  5. The Couch Twerk Sex Position: When you hear the wordtwerk, you might have heard of Miley Cyrus. Well, this time, its better and something that you can try on your couch at home. So this position encompasses the male partner to sit on the couch and the girl twerks on the penis by sitting over the male partner. The G-spot stimulating capacity of this sex position is great and could be tried once in your lifetime.
  6. The Irish Garden Sex Position: This sex position is a comfortable and entertaining sex position much similar to the 96 positions. But the difference is that the women are forward towards the penis and feet,which proves to be a very mellow sex position. It may add some more spice to your kinky and fun life. Hence it is a recommended sex position to be tried atleast once in your lifetime. More than anything else, you must have seen this weird sex position in the porn movies where there is a role-playing and the female usually ready a book or plays a video game lying on the bed. Maybe a little fantasy play will uplift your mood; hence try this position.

Most of these sex positions can be performed well on the sex furniture that provides a comfy and cushion platform to get the deeds done. We heartily recommend LoveRoller’s sex furniture to try the above given weird sex positions to enhance your sex life to the fullest. Not everyone knows about this sex position, and not everyone prefers to go out of their comfort zone to add spice to their lives. If you are planning for honeymoon, then you can try these new weird sex positions there. You can also check this blog about some tips to choose the best honeymoon destination. So if you are alive and daring, do try non-conventional sex positions on the comfortable sex furniture and let the emotions take control of the time.