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9 Types of Sex Furniture to Enjoy When Beds Get Old

9 best sex furniture available in market by LoveRollers

Most couples have sex in their beds, or if they try to be bolder then some outdoor car sex. And that’s comfortable too, as you get enough space on the bed to try out different sex positions and tricks on your partner. And you even get to sleep comfortably after the sex on the bed. That’s a bonus, but it also gets a little boring after some times when you are frequently doing sex there.

So to make things interesting for all the sex freaks and couples, we have a grand entry of sex furniture that as the name suggests, are made especially for performing various sex positions and get quirky on your new sex space. Sex furniture is not a new innovation in the market; rather it is present from quite some time. And a very long time indeed, dating back to the British rules, as there are some written records about the sex chairs.

Before getting to the sex furniture recommendations that can successfully replace your boring bed sex, you need to ask yourselves the requirements first. Like how long and large furniture? Is it something that you need to store discreetly? Or something that you want to take with yourselves during travel? Your answers to these questions will help you in figuring out the sex furniture that best suits your need. Or if you are unaware of the types of sex furniture, then read this article.

9 Types of sex furniture:

Check out the 9 types of sex furniture that replaces the old bed-ridden sex styles perfectly. You can add on the list with other miscellaneous sex items too.

  • Sex Wedge: Sex wedges are inclined planes covered with washable foams t provide you with comfort. Penetrative sex is enjoyed very much when you keep trying new angles and discover new dimensions of love. Sex wedges are made for this purpose, and they allot you to adjust your body comfortably so that the male partner can get different angles to provide good g-spot stimulation. It can be combined well with the missionary position, where you can prop up to provide your partner with a closer head on penetration.
  • Sex pillows: The sex pillows are discreet sex furniture that mixes well with your interiors and looks normal to your visitor’s eyes. But once you get in the mood, it can be a fun toy to lift you up in various sex positions for satisfying penetrations. The smaller shape lets you carry it during your travels too when you are planning any vacations. You can give all the old sex positions some boost with the sex pillows.
  • Sex Sofas or Indian Tantra Chair: These are curvy furniture to help you relax and lift your pubic position for more fun. If you want as much space as bed, but also some more thrilling curves to let you enjoy the sex session, then sex sofas are for you. The elegant design and colours help you in getting aroused and satisfy your partner better. Also a great thing about the sex sofas is that you can enjoy more than 100 Kamasutra sex position on it.
  • Sex Chairs:The sex chair is a specially designed curvy chair that lets your assets sink in for great view and fun. It has opening at the bottom where the male partner can try out some creative penetration angles. Another thing is that the height of the chair makes it a perfect place from where you can give blowjob to your partner. You can try out some modified doggy-style chair sex on this too.
sex chair by loverollers
sex chair by Loverollers
  • Basket Swing Chair: The basket swing chair is a comfortable swinging chair where you both can sit and enjoy some great sex positions up in the air. If you want to make it more dominant, then add some strap restraints on any one of the partner. It will be sexy to look at your partner all in bondage, floating under your control.
  • Yoga Tab: It is a tantric sex furniture made to connect both your bodies and souls together. You can try out many yoga positions with comfort and meditation here. Apart from yoga, you can also try out some refreshing couple exercises here. The design makes it suitable for you to enjoy some sex positions too that are influenced by the yoga styles.
  • LoveRooms Furniture Set: It is a complete overhaul of your bedroom where you can put all the necessary furniture with other LoveRollers products. If you are planning to enjoy your honeymoon at your home due to the present pandemic situation, then we have this fantastic sex furniture set for your rooms. You get LoveRollers, LovePillow , Two Paintings , Bedsheet with Pillow Cover, Runners with Cushion & Cushion Cover ( 12x 12 inches ) , 2 Candles , 2 Lamps , 5 fragrances bottles to design your room in five different colour variants.
  • Bondage sets: These are essentially sex toys but we have some modified sex furniture that is perfect to try out the bondage and BDSM fetishes. You can check them on our website LoveRollers sex furniture.
Love Making Furniture by LoveRollers
Love Making Furniture by LoveRollers
  • Sex Swings: As the name suggests, the sex swings are made for trying your kinky activity up in the air. It can be hinged to the door, which provides a sufficient perimeter for performing sex along with the side support. This sex furniture helps you master new angles of penetration, and some vertical intimacy positions. You can also swing forwards and backwards on this, while your partner penetrates you while moving forwards.
Love Making Furniture by LoveRollers
Love Making Furniture by LoveRollers

All the above 9 sex furniture is the best in their categories and a fantastic replacement for your bed sex. In your sexual life, you should keep experimenting with new things so that the spark doesn’t die out. Most couples come with a problem that after few years they are not having sex on frequent basis and there is no connection between them as it used to be. LoveRollers is on a mission to make your married and sexual lifefull of pleasure once again, as it used to be in the beginning.