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The Hottest Hotel Furniture Trends in 2021: Chapter 1

Hotel Furniture in India

Hotel industry is changing rampantly and adapting to newer methods of hospitality to survive in these pandemic times. The hotel furniture that we saw in 2020 before Corona stuck us is now not the same as before, as the hotel administration relies on newer modern furniture that will be for a long time in 2021. In this furniture friendly blog, we will update you on new and innovative furniture trends that are coming and stay long in 2021.

  • IoT-Enabled Rooms: The smart home concepts are not becoming a reality as big players like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are dominating the homes. The hospitality sector hasn’t been untouched by these drastic innovations and is quickly adapting to newer technologies. From your automatic mood interior setup to accessing your room keys via your smartphone. Here are some of the IoT innovations that the hotel chains are turning to.
    • Allowing your streaming devices: People are using many portable streaming devices to keep with themselves during travel. You can integrate your streaming devices with the IoT enabled TVs and watch your favourite movie/ series comfortably.
    • Wireless Charging: Most smart hotels feature a range of wireless charging where you can get your mobile and other devices charged.
    • Smart Gesture Controls: Gesture controls are fascinating. The user can use his/ her hand movements to adjust and program the devices.
    • Tablet-Based Control: You can use a tablet to control the hotel services. If you would like breakfast or laundry services, simply tap on the tablet and get it on your doorstep.
    • Sound Proof Tech: One of the biggest complaints that the hotel owners got was the rash music or irritating noise from the side rooms. But with the use of sound-proof windows furniture coupled with IoT, noise complaints were a case of the past.
  • Green Hotels: With a new focus on environmental technology, the hospitality chains are emerging on the global canvas as effective eco-friendly entities. People are getting more environments conscious and preferring a healthy stay nearer to nature. This has resulted in shifting the trend to a more eco-friendly domain of the hospitality chains; with the recent introduction of smart technologies coupled with the furniture, eco-friendly furniture is in high demand.
    • LEED Certifications: It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design that calculates the eco-friendliness of the buildings compared to the international scale.
    • Solar Power Enabled Furniture: Hotel chains can effectively reduce their electricity bills by opting the solar-powered roof equipment. Solar panels generate electricity day and night, and you can harness renewable source of energy.
    • Water Conservation Using IoT Furniture: Many IoT enabled furniture helps save water at its best.
    • Motion Sensors: The eco-friendly motion sensors are fitted with advanced microprocessors that help the hotel save energy by turning off the devices when not in use.
    • Eco-Friendly Sex Furniture: If you are planning to go for a honeymoon or a vacation trip with your spouse, the LoveRollers sex furniture is the best furniture to use for your intimate sessions. The eco-friendly design makes it well suited to the interiors of eco-friendly hotels.

Newer innovations are reorganising the hospitality industry and will certainly live long as the newer furniture trends incorporate human-friendly concepts. The above concepts of smart furniture and eco-friendly furniture are some of the most adapted trends that will see their time in this new time. If you are planning some beautiful gifts for your 5th wedding anniversary, then you can check this blog.