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How to get pregnant faster?

We all live in a time where the pace of life is too quick. With the changing times and priorities, having a child has taken a backseat. However, very earlier people have realized that one should not delay pregnancy and should start a family at a correct time. Once the decision to start a family is taken, the waiting time becomes harder. One wants to conceive as soon s possible. Here in this narrative, we will tell you about some ways through which you can conceive soon and how to get pregnant faster after you have sex.

Do Not Use Lube

Some people prefer the use of lube as it makes sex easier. While penetration takes place easily with the help of lube, there is a negative impact regarding it that can delay pregnancy. Some lubes are not very sperm friendly. They have mild chemicals which do not harm the body at all but are strong enough to kill the sperm. Therefore, before the sperm reaches the place it needs to reach, it may be already dead and this can cause hurdle in pregnancy.

 Do Not Exercise Just After Sex

Many people prefer to exercise after having sex to calm their body. This too can create an obstruction in pregnancy. Wondering how? Here is an explanation. Exercising increases the body temperature and sperm uses its motility when the temperature of the body rises, even taking a hot bath should be avoided jus after you had an intercourse.

How to get pregnant faster with Special Diet

Eating healthy food is not just limited to get a good body and stay away from diseases! There are some ingredients which can make you get pregnant faster and a healthy development of the embryo.  Spinach, bananas, eggs, fortified cereals, eggs etc are some food you can add to your diet. For healthy egg and sperm, spinach leaves are very useful. To regulate hormones, Bananas are the best choice and cereals help you to keep all negative effects at bay which are the reasons for infertility.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can delay and even completely cease impact chances of getting pregnant. Even if you are pregnant and continue smoking, they are the cause of miscarriages as well. Ovulation is hard to take place in a body due to smoking as smokers have been found to have very low levels of estrogen, which is essential for getting pregnant. Smoking can also lowers the quality of sperm.

Practice Well-Timed Sex

Having sex twice a day and at every alternate day has turned out to be the best way to get pregnant faster, according to some experiments done. This ensures that the sperm does not get weak as having sex daily can affect the quality of sperm. This is because having a lot of sex on a daily basis forces the body of a male partner to produce more and more sperm which lowers the quality of sperm and the chances are weak embryo gets developed.

Avoid Sweets And Processed Food

Keep your diet focused on healthy fruits and vegetables. Healthy fruits help to increase the levels of progesterone in the body which makes conceiving healthy and fast. Also, for the healthy development of your embryo fresh fruits and vegetables play an important role. Eating too many sweets can cause difficulty on the ovulation of the egg. Therefore, do not eat many sweets if you are planning to start a family.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

You may have heard that a tiny glass of wine does not do any harm but when it comes to pregnancy, no amount of alcohol should be consumed. Even a drop of alcohol consumed can play your pregnancy as it is also one of the major reasons to obstruct fertilization of the egg.

Apply for This Position After Sex

Once you have sex, you should lie on your back. By this, sperms go swimming towards the vagina and it ensures that they are going to hit your egg. If you will stand or sit immediately after sex, it can greatly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. The explanation for the aforementioned sentence is simple. If you will stand or sit after having sex, the sperms will slide to the position which is opposite to the location of the egg and this will cause hindrance in the process of pregnancy.

Even when everything is normal, then to conceiving does not happen. The big reason for this mishappening is stress. The more you build stress the more delay your pregnancy will get, therefore it is advised to make your partner comfortable by giving each other calming and soothing messages. I hope the above tips will be enough for you to get knowledge about how to get pregnant faster. Take breaks together, go out and enjoy a delicious meal or do anything which keeps your mind stress-free and composed in order to escalate the chances of pregnancy.