Sex Positions

Amazing Sex Positions that will make your bed Rock

So, you have been planning for the special night since ages and the night turned out to be a trill of few seconds and left you disappointed like hell! Does it sound familiar? Many of us have met the situation where we wished our guy could have last longer while making love but he ejaculated sooner than expected. There is nothing wrong with your guy in such case. One should just play some tricks and the situation can be pleasantly changed. According to some sexologists, there are some sex positions which can delay male orgasm and the endurance of the man can last for a longer time than usual. Here is a list of such sex positions, which will prevent your man from coming sooner. Read on to know!

1)    The Sitting Sex Positions

Sitting down with crossed legs and female sitting down on the lap of your partner with her legs covering his back and arms around his neck is the posture of ‘sitting positions’. Female partner is the leader here as she can move up and down and let penis move inside her vagina. This position makes both the partners feel different sensations and the girl can slow the speed of her movement, which will eventually make the ejaculation happen after substantially longer time than usual.

2)    Woman On Top Sex Position

Male partner lies on back and woman sits on the top of him. The female partner cover’s male’s hips with her legs and this gives pleasures to both the partners. Here a woman can lean forward and backward to get the penis inside her. This way, the penis gets inserted very deep and through this, intense satisfaction can be obtained. This position makes sex longer as when a woman leans forward, the penis then remains at a shallower depth.

3)    Standing Against The Wall

Standing against a wall can be either way. That is either a girl can lean against a wall or a guy. The benefit of having sex in this position is that it comes across as a change in the position as most of the sex happens on the bed and in a ‘lying down’ position, Therefore, this positions extends the timing of climax little longer.

4)    Go For Stand-Carry Position

Men only concentrate on their sensations and genitals while having sex at stand-carry positions. Also, a man holds and carries a woman, so his main focus remains on balancing along with doing sexual acts. Therefore this position is also best for making sex go on and on.

5)    Tweak Doggy Sex Positions

This is one of the loved positions of partners! Being one of the most popular, it has a drawback as well. The drawback is that it makes the men so excited that they cum too soon. However, if girl follows a trick, the same position can make the process go for considerably long time. While having intercourse in this position, a girl should slowly start bending down till she reaches the point where she is completely lying flat on her stomach. This position which would then form delays the ejaculation timing.

6)    Condom Control And Pill

Though the above-mentioned points are not any sexual positions, they provide a lot of help to exceed the hours of sexual climax. Some condoms come in thick material, which is the reason to make the sensations felt after longer intervals than usual to both male and female. Talking about pills, some pills are made to delay the time for an orgasm. But before going for such option, one should take medical advice.

7)    Sitting In Chair Position

Sit on a comfortable sofa or chair (armrests) and let your female partner sit down on your lap with a lowered posture of her body. The female’s pack should be turned to a man’s face (the same way she sits on the chair). She can either move forward and backward or up and down to get penis penetrated into her vagina. When you are close to climax, tell your partner so that she can slow down her movement.

A lot of men have revealed that they last longer in the above mentioned sex positions. These are very comfortable for men.