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5 Products To Help You Feel Good

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The sex toy market is booming, with shoppers looking to maximise their pleasure both alone or with a partner. The variety of sex toys that get people going is greater than one might assume, and often goes beyond your standard vibrator, spanning all the way from realistic masturbators to kinky bondage gear for the more adventurous couple. With so many sex toys on the market nowadays, it can be hard to tell what is just spoken about in the media, and what becomes a treasured staple in bedside drawer. When it comes to picking out a sex toy for you, everybody experiences pleasure is different, which is why there’s such a vast array of choices out there. From the classics to the more high-tech releases which can take you to a new world, here are five products to consider for beginners:

  1. Love eggs

Being every girl’s best friend,vibrating eggs help you control your pleasure from start to finish. Perfect for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, vibrating eggs are not only great for masturbation,but they are also perfect for injecting some extra fun and kinkiness into your relationship. For an extra buzz in the bedroom, some vibrating egg sex toys also come with a remote control so that you can enjoy hands-free orgasms.

  • Cock rings

Designed to maximise your steamy sex sessions with a bigger, harder erection that lasts longer, then you need to try out a cock ring. Being one of the most popular sex toys for couples, they’re easy to use and can provide stimulation to both partners. The cock ring fits snugly at the base of the penis and slows down the blood from rushing back down, allowing you to stay harder for longer. To try out something new, dildo cock rings are a great way to explore double penetration with your partner as the cock ring is attached to a dildo that sits underneath the penis.

  • Dildos

Every sex enthusiast knows a dildo is an essential for the toy box, beinga timeless favourite, which are ideal for either vaginal or anal use so you can try out new things. With so many shapes, colours, and sizes available, they are ideal for kinky couples to use together or for a sensational solo session, achieving deep pleasure and stimulation for the most satisfying orgasms.

  • Double penetration dildos

Double the fun with double penetration sex toys. They can be enjoyed by yourself or with your partner, taking the pleasure up a notch by simultaneously penetrating two orifices, stimulating even more nerve endings which leads to a hotter and more arousing sexual experience.Whether you enjoy being penetrated in more than one orifice simultaneously, or you and your partner enjoy being penetrated at the same time, use your toys as you please!

  • Rabbit vibrators

Experience deeply intense orgasms like never before with the help of rabbit vibrators which are equipped with a clitoral stimulator and a shaft. Whether you choose to use a rabbit vibrator on yourself, or play with your partner, they have transformed the way that we approach sex and have a variety of settingsso you can choose the level of intensity that gets you going.