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Check Out These 7 Exotic Sex Furniture That Can Spice Your Sex Life.

One of the first images that comes to mind when you think of sex furniture would be a dungeon-like setting straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey. You could also be perplexed as to the need for such a thing given that you could simply smash on any old piece of furniture in your room. It’s a little more woo-woo (and hygienic) in reality. We got the steamy scoop on adding sex furniture to your house and sex life from Melanie Rose, the host, designer, and consultant producer of Netflix’s upcoming show ‘How To Build A Sex Room’.

Whether you realise it or not, adding sex-specific furniture to your home will help you create a haven for intimacy.Additionally, cleaning dampness off sex furniture is far simpler than cleaning it from your pricey velvet couch.

According to Rose, “most of the time, we only see intimacy happening in the bedroom.” “Having a private area where you may act out your sexual thoughts and desires is sometimes preferable. And I believe a space devoted to that is far more sensual and sexy.

What qualities should you search for while buying sex furniture?

The best sex furniture enables you and your partner(s) to indulge in your dreams in a private, sanitary setting. PVC, vinyl, or polyester are good candidates for your search because they are all simple to clean. Make sure the covers of things like sex pillows, sex wedges, and ramps are machine washable.

Rose advises making sure you have the proper anchors for your ceiling, paying attention to the weight capacity, and purchasing the appropriate carabiners for your equipment before using a hanging piece of sex furniture like a swing or sex sling. Versatility is important if you don’t have a designated sex room (hello, studio apartment residents).

We go into many sex furniture categories below, covering anything from pillows to sex chairs and adaptable massage benches. Additionally, you can find absorbent sex blankets and all-inclusive sex machines.

Don’t take it too seriously; it’s just sex, she advises. There is so much enjoyment to be enjoyed. Don’t be afraid of it and don’t feel embarrassed about it. Now get your blindfold, beloved vibrator, and flogger because we’re going shopping—and it could get a bit kinky. Discuss it with your partner and most of all, enjoy.

Sexual Pillows

If you’ve never thought of sex furniture before, start simple with sex positioning pillows. Wedge cushions, ramps, and mounts are positioning aids that are intended to increase the comfort and pleasure of sex by supporting and situating various portions of our bodies, according to Jenn Mason, founder and owner of WinkWink Boutique, who previously spoke with SELF.

These tools offer a stable foundation that makes it simpler to reach and hold positions during sex. While inflatable pillows are great for travelling and simple to tuck away when not in use, foam pillows are solid and long-lasting and have detachable coverings that you can wash.

Various sex positions benefit from the use of sex pillows. They should be used for doggy style or if you and your lover are attempting a side-by-side position, says Lovehoney sex expert Dr. Megan Fleming. If you and your partner have a big height difference, they also perform pretty well during missionary, and they allow the giver more comfortable access during oral sex, according to a prior SELF report.

Sex Blankets

According to SELF, a sex blanket is something you use for partner play or masturbation to keep your bedding and other surfaces dry and clean. Any waterproof blanket can do, although those designed particularly for sex, like the ones below from companies like The Layer and Liberator, might hold up better.

A waterproof blanket will be useful whether you squirt, play with food kinks, use oil, lubricant, or massage candles, according to Dr. Fleming, who spoke to SELF. An additional layer of sensuality can be added by using a sex blanket because texture is important during closeness as well. If you don’t want to ruin your favourite sheet set, you can also use sex-specific sheets.

Sex swing

Sex swings are devices that allow one partner to be suspended in the air while the other can move around them. They’re entertaining for people who wish to experiment with suspended postures without actually supporting their partner’s weight. Additionally, many swings feature attachments and restraints.

Rose promotes using sex swings but emphasises the value of safety. Use common sense and read the instructions if you’re using the ceiling-mounted swings, she advises. There are alternative door swing variations that are much simpler to install, less permanent, and suitable for travel. Another option is to get a yoga swing, which is designed for aerial yoga positions and acrobatics but may also be used as a sex sling.

Sex couches, chairs, and chaises

Rose argues that sex chairs, chaises, and practical couches let you experiment with different sex positions while remaining cosy and seductive. Make sure the fabric or material is easy to clean when searching for these kinds of items. Rose advises against using leather, although fake leather is acceptable.

Additionally, you’ll want to look for furniture with sexy-looking curves and smooth lines. Rose declares, “I am a huge, huge lover of the Liberator Esse tantric chair.” It has those lovely curves that resemble the shape of the body and is ergonomically built. Furthermore, if you placed it in your living room or bedroom, no one would know what it is for because it only has a nice appearance.

A swinging chair is a delight for oral sex and doggy style if you’re interested in a sex position enhancer chair and a sex swing but don’t have the space. The Nugget is a kid-friendly couch that also happens to be a sex couch by mistake. It gained popularity in 2020 when Redditors realised the variety of adult-oriented enjoyment it might provide. Hey, go ahead and bang as long as you keep it tidy.

Sex Seats and Ramps

Sex ramps are essentially just longer and larger sex pillows. Since the majority of sex ramps are constructed of high-density foam, they’re perfect for experimenting with different positions and provide all body types with greater stability and support than a wedge pillow. These positioning tools can help with the logistics of sex, allowing you to concentrate more on the key aspects of pleasure and orgasms while spending less time in your brain (or multiple orgasms).

If you’re experimenting with kink or BDSM, then let us introduce you to sex benches. Sex benches, also referred to as spanking benches, are enjoyable for bondage play, sensuous massages, or just getting closer to your spouse with a penis or dildo.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevigne, to name a couple, are fans of the Obedience Extreme sex bench, so chances are it will work for you too. It also comes upgraded with restraints. You can always purchase a real massage table instead if you’re not satisfied with its offensively “sex furniture” appearance (they’re also far less expensive). Both are pre-equipped with comfortable padding, strong legs, and headrests.

Sex Machines

Sex machines are precisely what you’d think they would be: imitation sex machines. These are scarce and expensive, and there aren’t many of them available. Our professionals have repeatedly endorsed The Cowgirl. It offers a tonne of benefits, according to Carol Queen, PhD, staff sexologist for Good Vibrations, including a toy mount for dildos, a 360-swivel rotation, numerous vibration patterns, and other attachments you can buy separately. The Lovense machine, which is app-controlled and double-sided so two people may use it simultaneously, is perfect for persons who enjoy thrusting penetration.

The Top Sex Mattresses

The modest mattress is hailed as the original piece of sex furniture (well, maybe not the original; that was probably a patch of grass or something). You should look for a firm mattress with edge support when purchasing a mattress just for sexual purposes (who needs sleep?).

Although some bouncing is expected (and even desirable!), the partner on top should feel secure and supported. Given that it will be hot, you might also consider a mattress with a cooling gel topper or one that regulates its own temperature. The two best mattresses for sex, according to the Sleep Foundation, are shown below.

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