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Five ways in which sex changes you for life!

Five ways in which sex changes you for life!

After a sexual experience, the person changes for life. Losing virginity can open doors to a lot of health benefits and awareness that is incomparable. Undoubtedly anyone who has a sexual experience is bound to have a blissful time but the physical and mental changes that it brings forth are surely a game changer.

Be it men or women, a sexual encounter can be a big change to their life. Here is how!



  1. Sexually aware

Sex makes one know a lot about their body, their bodily desires, what they like about their physical appearance, the things they want to work on and above all – how their body is sensitive to touch. After the first few sexual experiences one becomes completely sexually aware and gets into the self-understanding mode of own desires and its fulfillment.

  1. More understanding towards other gender

Of course, it is when you get to be so close and intimate to a person that you realize that their way of thinking and taking things is different. No matter what your fantasies have been or how much of a good communicator you had been in the past – after the first sex you shall become more receptive to one’s talks, behavior and choices. Sex brings in closeness that builds understanding too!

  1. Mental and physical peace

Sex actually breaks the stress of your body and gives you a much desired mental and physical peace. The joy of experiencing the body bliss with a mental nirvana – sex brings in a connection between your mental and physical peace letting you understand how light and liberated you can feel. Sex has always been a reliever of mental stress and physical frustration – meant to bring in love towards your own self!

  1. A different level of happiness

Cheerful, happy and high – sex helps in releasing a happy hormone called Oxytocin. After having sex, a person is bound to experience more joy and happiness as compared to before. Through the journey of life, sex is also a source of finding happiness in your partner and being more cheerful at times. Dopamine that is released during sex brings in a lot of confidence in you along with a heavy dose of happiness. Couples who do more sex are known to have a much happier and cheerful bond.

  1. Confidence

A successful sex encounter is a major confidence boost! When you indulge into the act with the partner and you have the best time in the life you are sure to get confident not just of the body and your physical appearance but also about expressing your desires and holding your feelings with utmost comfort. Sex induces a confidence in you to be more expressive and happy about being yourself!

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