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Five bloopers you wouldn’t want in your sex life!

Five bloopers you wouldn’t want in your sex life!

Much has been talked about the “ways in which you can have great sex”, “ideal ways to approach your partners” or “What to do and how to do it!” But what remains between the sheets and is often hushed are the sex bloopers that couple do and then regret as they are something you wouldn’t want in your sex life!

It is time that we should bring out the bloopers for you to save from a bad experience. The mistakes that one should definitely refrain themselves from doing when it comes to sex!

  1. Talking about past relationships

Nobody wants to listen about your past experiences or the distress when they are into you currently. Talking about the past relationships or mating can be a big turn off for your partner letting the heat between you two cool down in an instant. So, shut your mouth up and just enjoy with the present!

  1. Trusting magazine sex tips

A lot of us regularly visit the sex tips page of the beauty magazines to take some inspiration for the next time one gets together with their partner. Trust us throw that knowledge out of the window! Trusting magazine tips and trying it practically with your partner is only going to result in a more mechanical and confused time on bed. Ditch that lesson and enjoy what you love doing with your partner or work your own methods!

  1. Having a type of orgasm

Never refrain your orgasm or try to have a ‘type’ of it. Forget the labels and specific type of orgasm and instead try to get into the pampering of your body which shall help you have a good orgasm. Why focus on being a specific orgasm person when you can enjoy your body in multiple ways and have an experience of incomparable sex in new ways each time. Sometimes aiming for a certain type of orgasm only results in NO- Orgasm!

  1. Alcohol and sex

Never mix alcohol and sex! Whether you are finding someone hot in a bar or just getting back home with your partner, if you are high on alcohol then having sex is a bad idea. Save yourself from the early morning mess and guilt feelings – avoid sex when you are high on alcohol.

  1. Unprotected sex

No matter how desperate you are or how uncontrollable the feelings get – do not go for unprotected sex! At times, it is easy to let go the thought of protection when the couple is all heated up in desire but after the fun is over it is you who shall regret doing all of it altogether! Unprotected sex can lead to many diseases and unwanted pregnancy – if you aren’t prepared for it, don’t do it!

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