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3 Ways To Fix Your Sexless Marriage Without Hurting Your Spouse

Sexless Marriage

What Exactly Is a Sexless Marriage?

A Sexless Marriage is where the couple engages in little or no sexual activity. Many couples go through cycles of having more and less sex. It’s not normal to refer to a brief absence of sex as “sexless.” Although there is no formal definition, many people consider a sexless marriage to be one in which the pair has not had sex for at least a year (or has only had very rare sex).

There are numerous potential causes for why a couple could end up in a sexless relationship. Whether having no sex is a problem for a relationship depends on the two people involved, but if it is, there are ways to solve the issue jointly and separately.

3 Ways To Fix Your Sexless Marriage

1. Communicate

Discuss the topic of little or no sex in your marriage with your spouse. Although it could be challenging, this communication is necessary. Intimacy and sex issues can arise even in healthy partnerships. It’s not always a sign that your marriage is fragile or having issues.

Consider initially speaking with a mental health professional or therapist for advice on approaching the matter if you need assistance figuring out how to talk to your partner. It’s critical to have a cheerful attitude during the conversation and avoid making your spouse feel attacked or responsible.

Since every marriage is unique, you will need to work together as a couple to determine what works for you.

2. Create intimacy

If you’ve decided to have more sex, you might want to schedule it. Although it may sound unromantic, it may also be thrilling and unique if done well. Scheduling displays dedication to one another and your physical relationship while giving you something to look forward to.

It’s also crucial to look into other avenues for fostering intimacy that is frequently lost in low-sex or no-sex relationships. Physical intimacy is not just sexual intimacy. Make an effort to rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Spending more time together fosters the development of fundamental intimacy, whether you’re lounging on the couch watching TV or alternately giving each other massages.

3. Get Help:

The fundamental reasons must be addressed before seeking outside assistance, though. You might want to consider a marriage retreat, workshop, or seminar.

To address any underlying medical issues affecting your sexual life, speak with a doctor. Together or separately, get assistance from a mental health professional to improve communication skills or acquire stress-reduction strategies.

If counseling feels like the right step for you, consider going to a therapist specializing in marital sexual problems, such as a licensed sex therapist. If there are any obstacles to intimacy, your therapist can work with you to resolve them. Use these chances to concentrate on creating a more solid marriage.

Will a Sexless Marriage Result in a Divorce?

Recent studies are lacking, but earlier studies have demonstrated that lower sexual pleasure and less frequent sex are linked to divorce.

A 2015 study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that having more sex, but only up to once per week, is associated with relationship wellbeing. More than that did not in the trial. 9

A relationship may suffer if one partner is unhappy with their sexual life.

To put it another way, any unhappiness brought on by the lack of sex is a problem, not the lack of sex itself.


Depending on the pair, having a sexless relationship may or may not be a dealbreaker. However, if you discover that your marriage is sexless or if you and your partner are not having enough sex, the first step is to discuss it with your partner and look into how you may find the intimacy that each of you needs to feel pleased.

Relationships can stop having sex for a variety of reasons, many of which are treatable. It can be very challenging to deal with sexual problems in a relationship, but you don’t have to.

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