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The changing scenario of sexual experiences

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From the era of “Love-Marriage-Sex” to the time of “Sexting-Hooking-Love” not much has changed in the technicalities of sex – but a lot has happened through the culture and views of the people! Talking about sex for a woman has always been a taboo! When we don’t speak – it’s taken as dumb and when we do, we are labeled. But thanks to the swipe generation of today, we experience a changing scenario on a daily basis which isn’t just making us express freedom of expression but also enjoy the act as we would like to!

 The gone era!

Of course, when talking about ancient times, there are proofs enough to cite that sex indeed was open then without as much cultural barriers as we come across now. Women then wore dresses much revealing than today. The art, architecture, imageries etc. all depict that indeed being sexually open, bi-sexual or even lesbian wasn’t unaccepted or looked down upon as it is now. But does this mean that we have been going down the lane over the years? I hope not!

We have the freedom to approach, the freedom to express and also make choices that we want without getting labeled. The world is moving in a fast track mode where mating happens over a swipe on the screen and people think of love later. While the number of women indulging in unmarried sex is on a rise, there is although other section of people too who aren’t quite OK with the progress.

 It is OK to talk about it!

I remember I was shunned for even mentioning the undergarments amongst a group of people I knew while today I am able to talk about my sexual experiences with friends! Women have been put to subjective tags time and again when they have shared or talked about their sexual encounters or feel but all was ok if a man did so! But over the time the sexual awareness, the fight for the women equality and feminism has played a huge role in bringing forth the confidence in women to speak up all that they feel like. And today most women, not all, find it completely ok to talk about their desires and experiences. The major achievement is that the crowd listening to them is OK too!

 From a “bonding” to an “expression”

Of course, no one would think of sex until getting married! Marriage was like a one-way ticket to the sexual paradise where one was granted a partner for life! But with time came the urge to say bye-bye to the old norms and here is a generation which wants to explore their sexual behavior first. And it’s not about mating with one partner, but trying with as many people as they can, not thinking about the rationality, numbers, choices, labeling or even scores. Sex is today a form of expression between two people – sometimes its love, other times its adventure!

 Labeling game around women desires

Never have I ever come across a woman who agreed that she could express her desire for sex 10 years ago! Sex for women was like honoring the urge of men and in the process enjoying the pleasure that came along. The ratio of men honoring women’s desires even within a marriage would fail down to a mere one or two percent! And had it been that a woman would express her sexual desires or even dress her choice there would come a rain of labels defining their character and family history! But the bliss is that women can today wear their choice, express what they feel, choose to rule the game and is the one who initiates it with a man too!


Millions of cultural barriers and zillion of thought shattering later there is a time when the sexual experience, its expression and freedom for women as changed – for good!

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