Basic Series LoveRollers – Green Leatherette Fabric

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The LoveRollers Products ® are LoveMaking Products with unique and elegant design where couple can have more than 100+ kamasutra position and also helps in conceiving baby with deep penetration

  • Sold Exclusively by LoveRollers – INDIA’S 1st Manufacture of LoveMaking Furniture
  • LoveRollers- With Unique & Elegant Design to have 100+ Lover’s Positions with your Partner
  • Helps in Conceiving Baby, Period Pain, Pregnancy Couch and Stylish Piece of Couch
  • Dimension : 194 x 44 x  77 cm and Make in INDIA and Extremely High Quality
  • Fabric – Leatherette with High Density Foam
  • How to use –  Lover’s Guide -” The Curves of Seduction

App – Coming Soon !!!

Each LoveRollers is a piece of art and fabricated on order basis to keep & intact freshness of products

Deliver in 10 -12 Days and Free Shipping with discreet packaging

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The LoveRollers Products ® are LoveMaking Furniture which are going to revolutionize the way we make love, with elegant design to have 100+ kama positions and will take couples on an exquisite and life-changing journey with their partners but also help to achieve cosmic love vibes and specially designed with lower and high arc for deeper penetration and intense pleasure and with central contour for ease of all lover’s position to achieve cosmic love vibes

LoveRollers are special kind of researched and first of it’s kind in love making furniture and designed to create enhance love making experience for couples and lovers, with it’s unique and elegant design where couples can have more than 100+  sexual position with ease and comfort to achieve cosmic love vibes with your partner . LoveRollers are also designed for pregnancy by providing deeper penetration which keeps women pelvis tilted upwards and chances of conception are high for conceiving baby. LoveRollers also help in period pain relief and breast feeding

With the mix of art of curves, design imagination and craftsmanship , we add most extra ingredients art of love and talent of world’s most distinguised and experienced designers

Material Used

  • Letherite – Natural or synthetic cloth fibers covered in PVC or polyurethane (PU); scraps of old leather, low maintenance, simple cleaning.
  • 4″ Inch Foam Used
  • High Density Form – consists of foam that have higher resilience and longer life span than the average
  • Quality material ( wood, water resistance ply board )  to support weight upto 250 Kg
  • Mix of Art and craftsmanship


  • SKU – LR100B
  • Brand – LoveRollers
  • Dimension ( length x breath x height ) – 76 ” x 17″ x  30″ inches
  • Packaging – Discreet packaging

Delivery – 10-12 Days 

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 195 x 43 x 74 cm
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