Sex Positions


Kamasutra is an important part of human life.  A total of 64 easy methods are mentioned in its treatise for Kamasutra.  Here we will mention about seven major Kamasutra positions, which every pair needs to know.  A total of seven major Kamasutra positions can be seen as follows:

  1. SPOON POSITION : A spun position is a position in which there is more difference in the height of the two people. In this, both people sit on one side.  One lives behind him.  Thus there is a funny mouth in which both are lost in each other.  This is a position that is good for any body type.
  1. REVERSE COWGIRL : A reverse cowgirl is a position in which you bend your partner slightly backwards and then you have to bend slightly at the knee. After this, Penetrate is to be done.
  1. BUTTERFLY POSITION : In this, the woman has to stand with one leg from her partner’s leg and lift the other leg comfortably according to the flexibility. After this one should slowly come closer for penetration.  Apart from this, another position can be adopted.  In this, you will have to litter your partner on the bed or table and one step you will have to come to the shore.  After this, lift your partner’s foot towards the ceiling and penetrate it.  This is called the butterfly position.


  1. DOGGY STYLE : People who are very upset with obesity use doggy style. In this, the woman should lie on her stomach and the man has to bend his knee towards his stomach.  In this, the man has to stand between the legs of the woman and during the process of penetration, the legs should be raised.
  1. JANAKURPARA POSITION : This position is for those whose body is quite fit. For this, it is necessary to lock your elbows under your knees and hold her butt with your hands to get a better grip.  Then hold it by your neck.


  1. TRIPADAM POSITION : This position is used only when the height of both partners is equal. In this position, you have to lift her one knee and place your hand below the knee there.  This condition is such that it helps in promoting maximum blood flow in erogenous zone.
  1. PIDITAKA POSITION : This is a position that can be done by anyone. In this, you have to bend the knee of the woman and keep it on your chest.  After this, you have to lift her thighs and try to go inside.  This is such a sex position, which gives great pleasure.  The reason for this is that the vagina is narrowed by the elevation of the feet.

Here we have discussed about seven such Kamasutra positions that are suitable for pairs. Here, such information related to Kamasutra position is given which is suitable for different shapes of the body. This information related to Kamasutra position will prove very useful for you.

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