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Premium Series LoveRollers – Tantra Chair – Yellow with Smooth and Soft Fabric


The color indicates a lover who is a risk taker- extroverted and uninhibited in bed. S/he is willing to try out new things in the bedroom and can make for enthusiastic, encouraging and stimulating partners.  Orange also denotes feminine energy and energy of creation

Lover’s Choice collection of LoveRollers are the best choice for all kind of lovers, The LoveRollers Products ® are LoveMaking Furniture which are going to revolutionize the way we make love, with elegant design to have 100+ kama positions and will take couples on an exquisite and life-changing journey with their partners but also help to achieve cosmic love vibes

Fabric – High quality fabric, smooth and soft on skin with vibrant colors

Download Lover’s Guide -” The Curves of Seduction ”

App – Coming Soon !!!

Deliver in 7- 8 Days and Free Shipping with discreet packaging