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Love for Sensation LovePillows Royale Lime

Elite Series LovePillows – Love Making Pillows – Royal Lime Velvet Fabric


Lime color indicates a lover who is a risk taker- extroverted and uninhibited in bed. S/he is willing to try out new things in the bedroom and can make for enthusiastic, encouraging and stimulating partners

LovePillow is helpful for male orgasm and comfortable for female partner will let you feel more stimulation in your sex life, LovePillow lifts hips into proper position. You can enjoy the benefits of deeper thrusts and harder orgasms with this simple but effective sexual aid LovePillow, you can play it with different sex position as you. LovePillow will reduce the burden of weight when making love, it’s easy to reach g spot and insert deeply regardless of lying down or bowing, sex pillow can bring unspeakable pleasure, let you get climax easily

Fabric – Extremely High quality Velvet  fabric, smooth and soft on skin with vibrant colors

Download Lover’s Guide -” The Curves of Seduction

App – Coming Soon !!!

Deliver in 2 – 4 Days and Free Shipping with discreet packaging