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Sex Guide that helps spice up your sex life and add pleasure every minute

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It is time to reboot your sex life. Conjugal differences can create bigger impacts in married life. Both men and women need to improve their sexual health quite essential to maintain sweetness in relationship. It is going to bring the best phase in a couple’s life. You need to be good at mixing things on the bed. Your positions and performances on the bed for your partner will give the best outcome for your life. The Kamasutra positions both for women and men add spice to one’s conjugal life.

An age-old practice

To know about Kamasutra, you must know what Kamasutra is. It is one of the world’s oldest and most famous manual for sex positions. In India around 400 BC Kamasutra meant treatise on pleasure. Kamasutra offers 100 different kinds of sexual positions including the instructions relating how to do them with correct gestures.

The central focus of female pleasures

With a central focus on the female pleasures, Kamasutra gives awesome positions with the guide to create tips so that pleasure can be comprehensive with several lovers and exhaustive techniques especially for men keeping the women satisfied by quenching her hunger for sex. Wonderful lust with super orgasm brings all to the brink of ultimate pleasure.

Kamasutra positions

The positions to try for eventual pleasure enlist below:

The plough sex position- Essentially this position is easier and quite enjoyable in its version of the wheelbarrow lying down with tummy at the lower section supporting half by the thighs. It takes practise but worth every minute while on the bed. Indulging the inner sex goddess while on bed provide the sex positions are on top.

Rider Sex position- It is basically in classic woman position on the top. The key to success leads to flexibility. Vibrating ring for the partner with lying down flat chest to chest with him along with increased intimacy. The chest to chest with him for increased orgasm creates better scope in sexual pleasures.

Amazon Kamasutra position- This sex position sounds bizarre and believed to be best makes you feel incredibly high in positions with closest pleasures without the strap on. It is only through the best Kamasutra positions which help determine the best satisfaction for both sexes.

Frog Kamasutra position- It is very simple and almost doggy instead of being on hands as well as the knees. The front part of the body remains on the bed with a bum up in the air. In arms of angle avoiding the cramps, this position is truly magical.

Hero position- This position is perfect for G-spot stimulation in the Kamasutra positions. This position provides great pleasure for the women and the man proves to be a real man. In this position, the man intends to take better control over the women.


The comprehensive sex guide is imparting knowledge to all individuals since ages. It is about creating good sex with mind-blowing structures. There are certain lists of Kamasutra sex positions that provide ultimate pleasure for both. It adds great pleasure to have all your erotic pleasures with positions and zones covered.