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The Best Sex Position While The Use Of Sex Chair

Use Of Sex Chair

Today most people complain about losing interest while making love. This can happen due to many reasons. You to bring that attraction and strength to the lovemaking then you should use the sex chair. It is the best furniture through which you can explore new positions and have passion while making love. If you will technically see that chair then it is yoga chaise lounge chair provides full comfort. We know that today also most of the people do not know about it and how to use it. Even today you can explore this type of chair in a hotel room as it wants to provide a great experience of lovemaking. It also known as great sex props and helps in increasing pleasure between couples. With the use of a sex chair, you can provide your partner with specific types of skills. It is a common thing that when you will practice then only you can master over those activities. For making love life passionate and attractive you must have information related to it. This will automatically grow passion among couples and will attract each other. Even the chair also provides you the opportunity for trying the new sex positions.

The Hammer

In this position, you have to sit on the top of your man when he will get laid over the chair. He can also sit on the chair in case you don’t have comfortable lying. Then he will tightly grab your waist and hips at the time of riding over him. This will provide sufficient lovemaking with full pleasure.


This is the sex position for women having on the top of men. In this position for having more pleasure, you can also go for reverse cowgirl using the chair. This position will be loved by both partners. In the chair, you will also feel fully comfortable and relaxed while having such type of position.

The delight

In this position, you have to sit on the lower part of the chair which is also known as the edge of the chair. Then your partner will kneel you from the front side and then slowly make deep lovemaking. In case you or your partner need more support then he can hold you from butt so that you can have loved making with safety.


Most of the couple to have oral lovemaking then in this you can easily sit on the back of the chair. In this way, your partner will get sufficient space for having deep oral sex position. It is the perfect position through which both can also have eye contact while making love. This will provide great pleasure to both.


You can also use the chair for having deep lovemaking using the doggy style. In this position, both partners will feel the depth and slow lovemaking. The chair will also provide full support while making love.  This style usually prefer by all couple but it is not compulsory that it have on bed only.

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