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Relationship goals every couple should experience

Relationship goals

We all, at some time look at that “perfect couple” in our life and wonder, what they are doing right? However, in reality people are complicated, so is love. Therefore, it needs time and patience (a lot of it) to perfect (no such thing, more like healthify) your relationship. So, here are some goals you should experience in your relationship.

Enjoy the euphoria

Most of the great love stories start with mere infatuation. It all starts with butterflies in the stomach, crazy excitement and adrenaline rush each time you see them. It’s all fun and exhilarating but that does end quickly. So, enjoy while it last.


Once the euphoria fades, you come to the realization that your partner is not so perfect after all. Now you are discovering all the annoying habits and start making “not so subtle” remarks. You start having frequent arguments and disagreements. However, no matter how unpleasant it sounds, it’s a milestone in a relationship. As long as you argue and still care for another, you are fine.


When I say communication, I mean having mature conversation and connection with your partner. Your interaction should be much more than how was your day? If you don’t have enough things to say to each other, your relationship might not last long.


You need to be involved and interested in your partner’s life and goals. Doesn’t matter if it is a win of their favorite team or a big promotion, you need to celebrate together.

But, not too much of Involvement

While it is good to be present for your partner, too much of presence is neither required nor desired. So, don’t be that couple who don’t have time for their friends and hobbies anymore. Your goal here is grow as a person and a partner.

Still feel the attraction

If you have been together for a long time, and still go crazy in bedroom, your relationship is going to be long and good. Sexual satisfaction is vital for any relationship. So, if the physical attraction dies, it’s hard to keep the relationship alive.


It is not enough to love your partner; it is important to show them as well. There needn’t to be grand gestures, just appreciate their presence in your life. Tell them how you feel about them and how grateful you are for their support.


It is important to express your thoughts and respect your partner’s thoughts. Remember, you don’t have to be always right and they don’t have to change. Agree to disagree! There is no room for insults and disrespect in a healthy relationship.

Trust and Honesty

If you don’t feel insecure and feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with your part6ners without any filter, well congratulations, you are in a perfect (you know the drill) relationship. How simple may it sound, it is the ultimate goal to be in a relationship where we feel secure and loved.

So, if you have not experienced these things in your relationship, you need to work on your relationship (or end the relationship). Because we all deserved to be loved and shouldn’t settle for less!

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