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Love is magic actually its more of science!

Love is magic..actually its more of science!

Everyone wants to be loved. No matter how much you hate cheesy rom-com, cringe at Nicolas sparks novels, how you identify yourself- gay, straight, queer, non- binary, and what age you are, all of us desire to find that special someone and feel the magic of the love. However, things don’t work out every time for us, and we end up accusing our partners for our failed relationships. But, how cliché that might sound, sometimes people are not meant for each other. The fact is, science too, supports this statement. So, here are some scientific facts about relationship-


Well, marriage is no ladder to a happy relationship. While for some couple making it official might be important and gives them happiness, you can have equally happy relationship without doing so. Studies have shown, couples who get married to overcome a rough phrase in their relationship, or for the sake of following the social norms, are very much likely to get divorced.

Well, opposite does attracts!

Various studies state that having the partner with exactly same interests and preferences is actually not a good idea. It seems like so, for short while, but eventually, things can gets pretty predictive and boring.

Cudding can cure!

Now, here is something interesting, cudding is a natural pain killer. Turns out, oxytocin hormone is released while cudding.  It could help decrease the headache and pain. Couples who cuddle tends to have a more healthy life and relationship.

Same level of attractiveness

Matching hypothesis explains that couple with same level of attractiveness tends to have more successful relationships. Same level of social desirability decreases the feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

Euphoria ends..Love doesn’t end with it

Researches claim falling in love has same neurotical effects similar to those of cocaine. Those butterflies are real. But after a year or, two of togetherness, this euphoria ends. But, that doesn’t end the relationship, if its love and not lust. Studies have shown couple who get married within few months after dating, end up separating.

Conversation is the key

Researchers have found that the most relationship ends due to lack of conversation. Couples who tend to have frequent conservations last more.

Sex is important

Various researches have claimed that couples having sex at least once a week are more likely to last. Sex is as important as other things for a healthy relationship.

Waiting for soul mate- might not be a good idea

Scientist researches have shown people who expect their partner to be the exact version of what they think their soulmate will be, end up not having content relationships. You might miss your perfect partner in search of soulmate. If you are not convinced yet, you should read Randall Munroe’s interesting take on it.

Healthy life

It is found in various researches that couples who gives importance to their physical fitness share more healthy relationship as well.

Express gratitude

Last but the least, couple who acknowledge the efforts and love of their partners, enjoy more content and happy relationship. It is important that you celebrate their love by expressing your gratitude.

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