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Changes in your relationships after having a baby

Changes in your relationships after having a baby

Having a child is supposed to a big milestone in any relationship. It implies you are fully committed and dedicated to the relationship and thus, that should bring you more closely to your partner. Well, when you throw no time, no energy and no sex in the mix, things get a little (I meant; very) complicated. Doesn’t sound like a plan? Welcome to parenthood! Whether you are ready or not, big chances are coming your way. So, it’s wise (and necessary) to understand in advance and prepare to deal with them in most sensible way possible and enjoy the parenthood together. So, here is glimpse of the life you are going to have after a baby, don’t worry it’s all too bad.

Emotional chaos

With all the sudden changes in our life, it’s almost inevitable. You are going to feeling sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and resentful and left out. And this doesn’t going to have a good effect on your emotional health. When you cannot make the baby go to sleep according to your time table, you can always help out your partner to get some rest. Things can become much easier if you are more considerate. Take care of each other, so that you can actually enjoy the procedure.


It is very important to share the responsibilities. Remember, you are in this together. It is possibly the best option to talk about the various responsibilities in advance. It will save you the arguments later. However, it is also important to be flexible and accommodating. If your partner was up late with your baby last night, you could change the diaper this time even if it’s not your duty.

Discussions and Decisions

Again, you are a team. So, you have to take the decisions together. Whether your decisions are about your work, life or baby, include your partner in everything. It should discussions and then decisions and not the other way around. When your life is going through drastic changes, it is good to take extra precautions.


In between, so many problems, it’s probably the last thing on your mind. You are physically and emotionally exhausted all the time. And that does kill your sex drive. However, to feel connected with your partner, you need to be physically involved with your partner.

Other relationships

With so many newly added responsibilities you are not going to have time and energy to spend time with your friends, family and other closed relations. However, to feel better, it is important to surround yourself with people you love and care. So, make sure to hire a babysitter and spend some time with friends and family.

Once you master the ability to deal with these changes, you are very much going to love the parenthood. And after you get used to these changes, it will be all worth it. Have some patience and deal with the challenges together and the parenthood will be more beautiful than you imagined it to be.

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