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The Information About Kamasutra

kamasutra love

The world has changed and most of the people know about love life. We all know that when the teen transition into adulthood is a very tricky thing. At this stage, you have come across with many new things and have to face that stage. So you must be provided with proper guidance so that you can easily manage your love life. Kama sutra is the guide through which you can provide pleasure to the love life and have a deep feeling with your partner. This guide of making love is written by Vatsyayana Mallanaga so that men could understand its feeling. It is written thousands of years ago in the ancient time to provide necessary instruction. It is made to enjoy the love life at fullest and could feel its deep love without any stress.

What is Kamasutra?

It is the best guidance which is known for different sex positions. In this, you will get clear idea and details about the sexual acts and positions. Even you can also take the information about attracting women towards its interest.

Even in this guide, you can also explore five types of sections where you can have information related to sex and intimate matters.

In this, you can also learn about to find a suitable wife and activities recommended. This also provides a great balance in lovemaking life.

About Kamasutra Details

The benefits and features of kamasutra are varied and have been divided into two parts. In this way, you can enjoy your lovemaking life.

  • In the first part, you can explore social behaviors with the dealing of work, leisure, and meet with women.
  • In the second part to oversee the private life dealing with sexual activities. In this way, you can also explore ancient wisdom with benefits.

Work and play

In this, you will learn in details about the feeling of a young man and according to the age. It is very necessary that education and accumulation of knowledge related to lovemaking life. In this part of the text, you can explore sex education which is filled with interest and curiosity.

Finding girls

In this, you can also understand women feel and what they want. So you can have an enjoyable and fruitful relationship. Before having the sex you have to first meet the girls and respect her feelings. In this, you can also learn how to talk to a girl and know about each other interest.

Earning wife

Married life in ancient times was not very simple and you have to found the right women for spending whole life. In the text, you can get details about the finding of the right women for having a faithful love life.


It is a common thing book of kamasutra is well known for its sexual positions. But in the original kamasutra, there are no pictures as it is about making love. In this, you can explore the categories of men and women.

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