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Tips While Booking Honeymoon Hotel

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Honeymoon is like cherry on the cake of marriage. After the hectic day of wedding you need some time for relaxation. Then couple plan for their honeymoon through which they can take relax and could spend some days in fun and enjoyment. So while booking honeymoon hotel so you should do it carefully so that you can enjoy your enjoy and not searching for other hotel. While planning for honeymoon you should follow some tips through which you will make your honeymoon memorable.

After such a tired and stress day couples needs to relax and they want to spend some quality of time with each other in alone. Couples opt for the honeymoon to celebrate their wedding and want to celebrate their official status. Through honeymoon couple can explore new place together. They can experience new destination with each other. Some of the couple also plan for their future in alone time with each other.

Tell Your Concierge Its Your Honeymoon

When you are planning for honeymoon and you are booking it through travel agent so they only as much you can do it by yourself so instead of travel agent you should hire concierge or representative. And mention to them that you are vising for your honeymoon. Then they will take note of that and make arrangement according to it. They will organize room with beautiful flowers, complimentary drink, strawberry, and champagne. Without any planning most of the hotel will ruin your day.

Take Advantage of Reward Programs

Making your honeymoon best with free room, as this can be happen when you plan ahead by choosing venue for wedding who offer complimentary hotel stay for your honeymoon. There are many venues which provide this facility through you can enjoy more.

Book Honeymoon Hotel in Advance

Before leaving for honeymoon if you book in advance then it will be great and through this you will also get upgrade about hotel that whether it is meant for your honeymoon or not. When you give your honeymoon planning responsibility to concierge then check in with facilities like reserved poolside cabana, couple massage, reservation at hotel restaurant, and they make you feel that you are spending money at your honeymoon.

Plan Your Stay at Off Season

Travelling at off season can make your trip cheap in response of hotels and flights also. At the time of peak season you will not able to get your choice of hotel and your concierge was also not able to book special room in the hotel as all may get already booked. You are not able to enjoy your honeymoon. But at off season you can get your special suite room in hotel with best service.

Share Your Love on Social Media

Hotels which are having their social media manager they will monitor the people on social media. So when you will mention about your honeymoon they will sent you about your hotel and if you mention about the facility then you can easily get your choice of honeymoon hotel.


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