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Tips for Making Your Marriage Anniversary Memorable

Making Your Marriage Anniversary Memorable

Marriage is special day for both partners and making your marriage anniversary memorable is very special thing. For people every anniversary is milestone for them. Peoples celebrate their marriage anniversary in different ways through which they could feel special. Most of the people want to do something new and excited on their special day to bring freshness in their love and relationship. When you are in love with each other how time flies you didn’t recognize and then it comes with your wedding day when you both feel special and freshness.

There are many couples who are not able to celebrate their day of love due their tight budget. So we bought some simple tips through which you can celebrate your special day under your budget. All people want to make their each and every anniversary memorable doing something new and amazing. It’s not important that which year of anniversary you are celebrating making it different and special is more important. There are many ideas through which you can celebrate your anniversary with your children also.

Recreate Your Wedding Menu

Through this you and your partner could again prepare the menu which you have on wedding night. You both can opt for the recipe and go for shopping for buying ingredients and cook your dish as team. Making your wedding dish with your partner brings lots of fun and happiness. If you want to make it more special then you can also bake cake for the night. You can also cook the dish which is favorites of both partners. With all this you can also watch movie which you both saw together for the first time.

Plan Picnic on Your Marriage Anniversary

This is another method through which you can celebrate your anniversary according to your budget. You can also plan surprise for your partner on her/his favorite picnic spot. While planning for picnic you can take favorite food of both for eating and also carry bottle of champagne for cherishing your day and a blanket. Through this you can recognize all old memories of your love and can also live all those memories once again.

Revive Your Wedding Vows

By renew your wedding vows you can remind your day of marriage. Through this method you can make your partner feel that you still remember those promises you made and you still want to fulfill those vows. In this you can also create same environment just like your wedding day like guest, catering service and you and your partner. You can realize each other that you still love in the same way you do at starting and your partner would feel special through this method.

Have Scavenge Hunt with Children

After marriage children are best part of the life and it increases bond between both partners. So it is good celebrate you day with children in different manner. In this you can provide them with map and places in which you and your life partner starts life together and you can also provide some clues also for helping them. In this you can places like your first date, and where you get engaged. Through this activity you can tell your children about your relationship and how much it value in your whole life.

Just be Together

Wedding anniversary means celebrating your day of love so you should spend the day with together. Take a break from work and leave all your phones and mails. You can also plan for vacation for spending quality of time together. You can choose place where you both can do something new.


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