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Kamasutra Furniture Sex Position

Kamasutra Furniture Sex Position

Kamasutra is well known by the people and according to it’s there are many types of sexual position which can opt by the couple at the time of making love as they vary from many things like they have a complex position of stretching with muscles with a complex position with this they have soft and sexy position with pleasure. Most of the people wanted to try all the positions and they also think that any position is made for them or not. You can try Kamasutra furniture at the same time also for more pleasure of the partner.

If we talk about the sex so it is a very strange thing in which two partners sitting in such position which shows that they resisting the law of gravitation, moving at a high rate at the time of exchanging fluids and puffing. Sometimes sex becomes unpleasant and fatiguing and sometimes it is beneficial and satisfying for both the partner. If you are more creative and you can create a pleasant environment in bed and you feel better through which you can communicate in a positive manner. If you are among those people who have an intimacy for pleasure and all things done by your body automatically then it good for you but if you both have an issue with your body weight and you can’t try all the wild positions so we have bought some positions for you such as.

Kamasutra Furniture Doggy Style

If you partner have unwanted weight and you wanted to lose some kilos then you can try this position where she will lie down on her back and can easily bend her knees and he will stand between her legs and raise at the time of making love, this position generally suitable for both the partner.

Butterfly Position

If your partner has an optimal weight and with this, your partner is very lustful then in this she can stand on a side and you will raise her leg up to the level of the chest or you can do it according to her flexibility. After this you will slowly move towards her and hold her leg while making love, with this you can also try another one by standing in front of her in which you can put her legs on the edge of the bed or in another furniture by lifting her leg toward the upside.

Spoon Position

If you and your partner have a height issue and there is a lot of difference in height then you can opt for this position it will be ideal for both of you. In this, you both have to sit in one side in which you will sit behind her, through this position you can enjoy some cool moves as this position is extremely intimate and pleasant for all type of body partner. Through this Kamasutra furniture type of sex, you will also help in doing lots of exercises you are doing in the gym.

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