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Using Sex Pillow at the Time of Intimacy

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You have also notice that in bed most of the people use lots of pillows and wide ranges of pillow as this because sex pillows use in many ways at the time of intimacy and it creates comfort for both partners as you can also say that it is the best sex accessory for making your moment more explorer and pleasant and in this way you will not feel embarrassed when your hands get stumble at your pillow at the moment of intimacy. This pillow technique also helps in making quite lovemaking when you are not alone at home with your man and it can also help in transforming the position for the deeper love making and making it more tantalizing experience in the sex life.

But before you start diving on it you should remember some important things while using pillow at your special moment like you should use love pillow instead of using pillows in which you sleep and for this you have no need to buy pillow which is specially made for the sex as they are designed in a cool manner but you can also opt for the pillow which is comfortable for handling, should thick, and you can fold it into half when you need to do in such manner. We have some excited and perfect positions you do with using your pillow such as.

Using Sex Pillow for Neck Relief

The best time of using a pillow when your partner is going down then you can do a favor for him by putting a pillow under your back so that you can lift your pelvis few inches upper as this help in taking the strain from his neck and you can give chance to him for exploring your sensitive zone. Through this, you can enjoy every pleasure moment of life and you also use pillows under your neck to see the action.

Cow Girl Hack

In this position, the girl is on the top of her partner and this position is very difficult but pillow has made it easier in which you can ride like a pro when your guy is generously packaged. When you put pillows under your both knees helps you in giving leverage for bouncing and you will get less cover to the ground in every moment.

 Legs over Shoulder

If you love to have missionary style then you can opt for this position in which you can place a pillow under your body and you will put your legs on your partner shoulder as this makes for him easy to hit directly in you with no bruises of knee and having comfortability in your moment.

Destimulation Station

When your partner needs the special moment for longer than you can go for this position where you can put sex pillow under him when a girl is on the top, you can use multiple pillows for keeping under his neck, back, and pelvis so that you can find the right angle.

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