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What is The Art of Love Making?

Art of Love Making

Most of the couples feel very awkward while talking about their physical experience as this is because they both are not satisfied with their partners or they do not have any emotional attachment with each other and they may feel embarrassed while talking about it and some of the couples feel shy.

Many of the people think that couples who are not having physically intimate can’t be emotionally connected with each other, but this is the fact that if you are staying together so you can stay away from each other for many days. This means you have to learn about love making which will keep you closer forever.

In the art of love making the first thing, you should learn that both men and women having the same thought but they have different aspects of thinking and this is the reason which creates a problem between them. Men always take lovemaking as the sexual activity in which they don’t get emotional attachment only physical attachment but on the other hand women feel an emotional and physically attachment with their partners at the time of making love which gives the feeling of love and satisfaction. They get more attracted towards their partner at the time of lovemaking for getting the same quality of love from them which women are accepting.

We all know that both the aspects are important so we can’t ignore any of the aspects whether it is sexual activity or emotional, this happens because women are more emotional and sensitive during this whereas men are compared they are materialistic, carefree, and more practical towards the sexual activity.

During lovemaking, men do not want to waste a single minute on the other hand women want to feel each moment. A man needs for making love are a woman, a bed, and a little bit love but it is not same with a woman, she needs a clean surrounding, freshness, soothing colours, music, she wants from a man a hug, kiss, touch, and an emotional connection with her partner. You all are thinking how big the list is but this true.

Men you are not able to escape from these things if you need sex for which you will always need a woman so for making love with a woman you have to learn all these things which each and every woman wants from her partner and she also wants that her partner would fulfil her desire and make each moment memorable for many of the years.

For women it does not matter how sexy you are looking or how much sexy you are at the time of lovemaking on the bed, the most important thing is having a right atmosphere which can help in the spark of the fire in you. And the desire for burning in the fire of love to each other is the important key for having the precious moment of lovemaking.

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