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Connection Between Fitness And Love Making

Fitness And Love Making

Everyone thinks that there is no connection between fitness and love making but this is not truly a fitness person can perform much better while making love. The fitness of the body improves the efficiency in carrying out the daily routine work and in the same way you can do in love life.

Importance of sexual activity in human life

As you know that feeding is important for survival, in the same way, having sexual activity is basic most important for all part of life as a human being is not different from others.

Although mentioning sexual intercourse is taboo in some countries, sexual activity is the integral part of the human existences it is definite fact.

A fit body and love making

When you ask from a lady about how the man she would prefer or look for then she will say that she wants a man with a lean body, handsome, and who will make her feel special. The real meaning of girls saying this is that they need man handsome means having good genes, lean body means having body with low fat and testosterone which would enough to perform the act and increases the chance of conception, and feel special means they both should have excellent chemistry between them for the having right hormones that will run through their system.

If you are able to realize the things so these all things can be improved by doing exercise but your lack of genetics could not be improved as much but this will not pull you back from your potential.

Now we all see how exercise helps in improving your performance in the bedroom.

Similarities between love making and exercise

Most of the people do not know that making love and doing exercise have similar effects on the body. What you can get from doing regular exercise you can also obtain from having sexual activity.

  • Improved sexual activity

It is a fact that making love and doing exercise on regular basis is alike with some of the activities such as heart pumping, sweating, and breathing at a high rate. It means you can prepare yourself for the lovemaking by opting exercise of athlete.

  • Improved libido

The major male sex hormone is testosterone help in increasing libido, sperm counts, and also improves the erection of penile. Researcher has proved that having sexual activity on daily basis increases the testosterone from the normal. As increased testosterone helps in stimulating metabolism and decreases body fat.

  • Boosting immunity

Having sexual activity and exercise on daily basis also helps in increasing the level of antibodies and also improved the antibodies serum which helps in fighting with the infections.

  • Burning of calories

We all know that doing exercise on a regular basis helps in burning the calories of your body and doing daily chores also, in the same way, having sexual activity on a daily basis helps in burning calories.

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