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Top 7 Best Places for Couple Sex

Having sex is awesome! Is it not? Of course, it is! Having said this, I would like to throw some emphasis on the fact that as time goes by, your routine sex becomes boring and one may reach a point in a life that couple sex is just out of priority. It is normal because everything in life which is routines experiences boredom and sex is not an exception in this case. One has to experiment, try some tricks to keep the burning fire and making love continues to be thrilling and passionate.

To achieve this, many sexologists have opined that one should change the locations to keep fervor alive. Therefore, after a lot of brainstorming and interviewing couples, we have here come up with a list of 7 places, where a couple should try out having sex. It will not just make your sex life better but also bring you closer to your partner on an emotional basis. Read further!

1)    Couple Sex On LoveRollers Product

To begin with, we have a first suggestion for you to have sex on the LoveRollers Product. As you are searching new places for having sex and rekindle your libido, you do not have to go very far from your bedroom. Do not ignore your this product in this case! The low-height that it has has an ample support for a couple to try all positions. The comfort factor is also high. You can take the support of pillows for adjusting your height, and if cushions don’t support, your guy can bend his knees. This is useful when you are sitting on a sofa and your guy is sitting on a floor in a kneel-down position.

2)    Hotel Windows

Sex on hotel window can be a very thrilling experience. You can have a sex which is freeing in some manner as you can see the world from the window and no one can see you. If they are not tinted, you are at the risk of being visible. Therefore, if that is the case, have sex on the floor near the window but places yourself at a point where you cannot be seen.

3)    Inside Your Car

Steam your car windows by giving practicality to your erotic thoughts! Push back the seat of the car and have a time of pleasure. You can sit on the lap of your boyfriend and can enjoy sensuous sex. This position is the best if you are having sex on the front seat of a car. You can enjoy ‘good time’ in the back seat of your car as well!

4)    On The Stairs

Have you ever thought that you own an extraordinary place to have sex in your own home? Well, the reality is that you do! Your staircase is the place to get naughty with your guy in one of the exceptional and happening manner. You can bend over a few steps and he can enter you from the back. This is a doggy style with a little twist. You can take the support of the stairs which lie at front of you. Experience the sex on the stairs and then both of you will have the different perception of the stairs from others forever.

5)    Backyard

You can have sex with natural surroundings without shelling out any bucks and book a private garden. You have a backyard and that is the place you can have sensuous sex there. A carpet, chair, or sitting seat can help you here. But before you try out this idea, make sure that your backyard does not make you visible ion your neighbor’s eye. Choose the location with great care.

6)    In The Kitchen

Your kitchen offers you more than a single place to enjoy your passionate moments. Get on the dining table and enjoy the missionary position, you can also lean against the refrigerator and let him grab your hands while he does it. The other option available in the kitchen is all time favorite platforms, where you can sit on it with him on the front side and get sensuous! You can also press yourself against the front side of the refrigerator and let him enter from the back side.

7)    Laundry Room

There is something about the laundry room that makes you feel blazed! It could be a vibrating sound of a machine or the sound made by the driers. You can get hotter than the machine’s dryer by warming yourself up in a different position.

Let him hop on the machine and sits on his lap with your legs wrapped around his waist. You can also sit facing opposite him (like you sit on the chair). In both the positions, you can have the leader and can drive your guy crazy. I am sure after this experience of couple sex in the laundry, you will visit your laundry room lot more than usual!


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