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Questions you should ask yourself for Couple sex

Have you ever wondered that whether you are ready to have sex or do you need some more time? Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to have sex. Whether it is about having sex for the first time in your life or having it for the first time with a new partner, you need to ask yourself some questions so as to be sure that yes, it is the time and you are ready so that you do not regret later. You should have your ‘to-do-before- Couple sex checklist before you decide to have sex.

Read on and find below the questions you should answer for yourself to be ready for sex.

Ask yourself Questions related to Couple sex

  1. Do I trust the person I am thinking to have sex with?

To have sex you can still ignore the emotional connect part but the trust has to be there. You have to feel comfortable to enjoy the moment and the experience which only trust and feeling safe can bring along.

  1. Is my partner actually ready?

Many times, it happens that your partner might force you to have sex but you feel that they themselves are not ready and might be asking you to do so under some pressure. Talk to them and make them express what they actually feel before succumbing to the situation.

  1. Am I going to regret it later?

If you are feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, there is a possibility you might feel guilty later. This is a decision with which you will have to live forever and hence you should listen what your head says and then decide.

  1. Will I lose my partner if I do not have Couple sex?

If the answer is yes then probably you should not have sex with him or her because a relationship requires your partner to value you, your boundaries and decisions and if he wants something like sex and not only you, you should think once again.

  1. Am I thinking to do it under some pressure?

Thinking to have sex because your partner wants it or maybe because all of your friends had it? Do not decide under pressure, you should think about yourself and what you want and therefore stand up for yourself.

  1. Do I have protection and am I safe?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Ask yourself whether you know all the facts and have the knowledge to avoid unexpected pregnancy and STDs. Do not put yourself at risk and make sure your partner has been tested and you are sure about yourself too.

  1. Am I in control?

The decision of having sex should never be taken under the influence of alcohol or any such thing. Just try avoiding having sex when you are drunk or you may end up regretting it the rest of your life!!!

Asked the above questions? You might have got an answer to the most difficult question about you being ready to have sex or not. Sex is something which gives a new direction to the relationship but to give it a right direction you have to be ready for it. If you are ready, be safe, just go ahead, have fun and enjoy or else everything can, of course, wait for the right time!!!!

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