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Couple Sex: 10 things to check before intimate with your partner

So, here’s the deal – having sex with your new partner can be both scary and exciting. Deep down you will be worried about a lot of things which might have ruined your past experiences.

It’s understandable that when you are getting intimate with your partner most of the things aren’t under your control. But one should at least attempt to bring in a little checklist, to tick, to make sure that everything is sorted for a good time with your partner. The checklist might not guarantee a good couple sex experience but will definitely help you be prepared to be at the moment.

Checklist for Couple sex


Definitely a priority! When you know that someone is going to be all over your body, you will want them to maintain basic hygiene – so always check that them, and you as well, have the basic hygiene and cleanliness habits.


Grooming forms an essential part to not just attract a partner but also be comfortable in your own skin. Waxing, plucking those extra hairs from eyebrows or even shaving the intimate areas can be a good aid to a good time with your partner.

Good lingerie

Intimacy with your partner is also a time to bring in the lingerie party on! Sexy lingerie boosts up your confidence, makes you more attractive and can be a big turn on for your partner too!

Be your beautiful!

It is important to look and feel beautiful when you are about to get intimate with your partner. Be it makeup, hairstyle or just cleaning your face – do the things that make you feel good! It has to be more about your feel than the look!

Preparation for safety

Here is a little adult advice, when you want to indulge with a new partner be prepared with safety precautions. Do not assume your partner to carry a protection – keep one with yourself too!


Sex isn’t just about doing it but also conveying about what feels good, meeting your wants and expressing your desires to the partner correctly. Make sure you talk enough with your partner to derive pleasure while being composed!

Intimacy space for couple sex

You do not want to do it in a dirty or scattered place. If you have pre-decided where you want to get involved make sure you check the place before and clean the space for a much cleaner sex.

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Don’t plan

Planning about the things you want to do or fantasies to be fulfilled is only going to complicate your experience – avoid!


Let everything happen on its own flow and get into the moment. Relax and be happy – everything shall go well!

Keep a check on the things before you actually go for couple sex– this will help you stay relaxed and have a better love making with your partner!

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