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How To resolve Sex Problems and Fire Back In Healthy Relationships

Causes Of Sex Problem

There comes a time in every couple’s life when they encounter sex problems in a relationship they hold with their partners. This is common and also something that cannot be avoided. The reasons can be many. For instance, it can be lost in sexual desires due to workload, childbirth etc. Sometimes these problems could be due to physical causes and sometimes they could be due to psychological reasons. Well keeping aside the reasons, the good news is that the solutions exist and such problems can be solved. So here, in this narrative, we have compiled some points which will help partners to overcome troubles related to sexual problems and help to put passion back in relationships. Read!

Understand The Situation Of Your Partner

If your sex life has become boring or is getting into troubled waters, then you should try stepping in your partner’s shoes before coming to a conclusion or taking any decision. Sometimes in such sensitive situations, the other person does not know the reason which is causing chaos in the relationship. There might be a reason that your partner is going through some tough time which you do not even have an idea about. Therefore, try to know about your partner’s regime, his feelings and talk try to know whether he/she is fine or not.

Don’t Blame Your Partner

There are cases when one partner just blames the other one completely and moves away. This is a wrong and even immoral way of handling the situation. If there is a problem with one partner due to which sex is not happening, then it should be treated as a couple problems and not as an individual’s problem. Isolating your partner is the worst thing one could do. For instance, if there is a case of erectile dysfunction, then the other one should give full support and would try to solve a problem together. These are the difficulties which needs a strong moral support apart from proper medical treatments.

Communicate With Care

Suppose you and your partner have different levels of libido and you realize it, then it is very important to talk about it. But in such cases, one needs to take timings very seriously. Such matters should be discussed at times when both are calm, well rested and are in the balanced mood. Difficulties related to sex are not just about physical pleasures. It is a matter of the heart as well because lot of emotions and passions are related to it. Therefore, never discuss your sex muddles when you have a stressful day at the office!

Get Information about sex and sex problems

In a relationship, it is very important for a couple to not to have unrealistic expectations about sex which one can develop if one watches lots and lots of pornographic videos, One should be aware of each other’s capabilities. Do not ever assume that your partner will understand your body language and will take you to the height of pleasures. If that does not happen, talk and speak about it and tell your partners what makes you happy during intercourse and foreplay. Take counseling sessions and get the relevant information about sex from counselors. Taking advice from close friends could also prove beneficial.

Go For An Open Relationship

Many of you will raise their eyebrows after reading this advice, but let us be real! If you and your partner have mismatched libidos and that is the big reason which is ruining your relationship, then this can be given a try. People who have been doubtful about it are doing it successfully.

Some people will have the opinion that such practices are illicit and they will not let their moral grounds shake because of sex. This is one of the popular sex problems between partners.  But if your relationship is coming on the verge of break-up due to mismatched sexual desires and you do not want to leave your partner because you love him/her, and then why not give it a try? The worse case that can happen is only that it will not work, but you can apply this method to save your relationship from drowning.

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